Master of Public Administration/Master of Library and Information Studies (MPA/MLIS) Program

The combined MPA/MLIS program is a three-year program which enables students to select courses leading to degrees of Master of Public Administration and Master of Information Studies. A total of 45 credit hours Public Administration courses are required and the suggested order of the program is:

Year 1 (eight courses)

  • Concentration in Information Studies

Year 2 (nine courses)

  • eight first year required courses of the MPA program and MGMT 5000: Management Without Borders: A Foundation Course for Masters Students in Management

Year 3 (10 courses)

  • four courses in Library and Information Studies
  • one second year required course (PUAD 6000: Senior Seminar: Ethics, Public Service and Governance) plus five Public Administration elective courses

MPA/MLIS students are required to participate in the MPA Professional Development Certificate program during any two consecutive years of their three year degrees.

Advanced Standing

Advanced Standing of up to 27 credit hours (one year) may be granted to students who have completed graduate level courses which are relevant to the Masters in Public Administration Program but which have not been used towards another degree. Students are advised to seek advanced standing when they apply for admission. All course exemptions or advanced standing must be approved by the Program Manager.

The Internship Program

The internship offers MPA candidates an educational and professional development experience through preparation and competition for a work term with a public sector employer. The experience connects the academic program in the MPA and public service experience. The internship is a half credit course in recognition of its educational value. Please consult PUAD 6855.03: Internship for prerequisites and requirements. Placements in internships are not guaranteed, however, all eligible interns have been placed in the last seven years.