Below you will find descriptions for courses offered in this field of study.  You will find a general overview of the topics covered and any prerequisite course(s) or grade requirements, credit value and exclusions.

Some courses are listed as exclusionary to one another.  This means that students may not take both courses as designated.

Not all courses are offered each year.  Please consult the current timetable for this year’s offering.  For further information please contact the department. 

Course Descriptions

The schedule of courses offered through the MPA (M) program provides students with flexibility and location choice. However, it is recommended that students register, early in the program, for what would be considered the core courses. They include: Policy Formulation, Economics, Government Structures, Research Methods, Managing Information Resources, Human Resources, Business and Government, and Strategic Management in the Public Sector.

Student have up to seven years to complete the course requirement (average time-frame is four years).

Core Courses


*       Highly recommended that Strategic Management in the Public Sector is taken as close to the end of the program as possible.
**     Strongly recommended that students complete Managerial Economics prior to Public Economics.
***   Strongly recommended that students complete Research Methods prior to Program Evaluation.

Advanced Placement/Advanced Standing

Please Consult Department. 


Required First Year Courses

Second Year Courses

Students must successfully complete all eight required courses of the first year of the MPA program prior to enroling in 6000 level courses, or seek special permission from the Program Manager. All second year elective course offerings are subject to resource availability.


  • MGMT 5000.03: Management without Borders: A Foundation Course for Masters Students in Management
  • PUAD 6000.03: Senior Seminar: Ethics, Public Service and Governance
  • PUAD 6201.00: Professional Development 3
  • PUAD 6202.00: Professional Development 4


  • PUAD 6010.03: Issues in Public Administration
  • PUAD 6050.03: Strategic Management in the Public Sector
  • PUAD 6140.03: Indigenous Governance & Water
  • PUAD 6150.03: Info Public Policy & Decision Making
  • PUAD 6235.03: Issues in Applied Economics
  • PUAD 6300.03: Alternative Programme Delivery
  • PUAD 6400.03: Local Government
  • PUAD 6450.03: Economics of Health Policy
  • PUAD 6500.03: Business and Government
  • PUAD 6505.03: Interest Groups: Function and Management
  • PUAD 6520.03: Programme Evaluation Seminar
  • PUAD 6555.03: Management of Information (EGovernment)and Public Administration
  • PUAD 6570.03: Equity and Diversity in the Public Sector
  • PUAD 6625.03: Human Resource Management

MPA (Management) Courses

These courses are intended for students registered in the MPA (Management) program. For more information on this program please contact the Centre for Advanced Management Education - 1-800-205-7510 or (902) 494-6391, Email:

  • MGMT 5105.03: Government Structure and Organization
  • MGMT 5110.03: Strategic Management in the Public Sector
  • MGMT 5125.03: Policy Formulation & Analysis
  • MGMT 5135.03: Managerial Economics
  • MGMT 5140.03: Public Economics (elective)
  • MGMT 5146.03: Research Methods
  • MGMT 6400.03: Municipal Government (elective)
  • MGMT 6501.03: Business and Government
  • MGMT 6525.03: Program Evaluation (elective)
  • MGMT 6555.03: Managing the Information Resource
  • MGMT 6650.03: Human Resource Management
  • MGMT 6700.03: Managing People in Diverse Organizations (elective)
  • MGMT 6755.03: Intergovernmental Relations in Canada (elective)