All students are required to be familiar with and to observe University, Faculty of Graduate Studies and School of Social Work regulations. Students should therefore request a Graduate calendar when they register.

Please refer to Faculty of Graduate Studies Section V. Registrations Procedures and Regulations.

Grading Requirements

Students are governed by the grading regulations of the Faculty of Graduate Studies

Required Academic Withdrawal

A student who fails to meet the minimum grade requirement of “B-” in a course will be withdrawn from the MSW program by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Students who are withdrawn may submit a formal written request to be reinstated.

If the student is re-admitted, the failed/ uncompleted course(s) must be repeated with a final grade of at least B-. If the failed/uncompleted course was an elective, it can be replaced with another elective.

Please refer to Graduate Calendar Section 4.2.5

Required Withdrawal on the Grounds of Unsuitability

The School acting through its Program Committee and its Director may require a student to withdraw if judged to be unsuitable in aptitude and fitness for the profession of Social Work. Because the nature of the study and practice of Social Work places clients in a position of special trust in relation to social workers and social work, certain impairments or some types of conduct unbecoming to a member of the social work profession may be grounds for dismissal, or suspension. Aptitude and fitness for the profession of Social Work, as determined by the MSW Program Committee, are requirements for continuation in the program.

The following list of examples illustrates the criteria used to assess the unsuitability in aptitude and fitness. This list should not be considered to exclude other such behaviors:

  1. conviction of criminal activity (e.g. assault, sexual assault, fraud and drug trafficking).
  2. persistent substance abuse (e.g. alcoholism, drug addiction, use of illegal drugs).
  3. any medical condition which affects an individual’s ability to perform as a social worker if that condition is chronic and/or recurring and affects judgments.
  4. unethical behaviour (see Nova Scotia Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics, 1994).

The MSW Committee will consider the student’s situation to determine whether they are fit for the study and practice of Social Work. The principles of confidentiality, natural justice and due process are observed in all Committee deliberations.

Sexual Harassment

The School is governed by the Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures of Dalhousie University. For more information, see Graduate Calendar: Resources and Services - Sexual Harassment Office.