Atlantic Institute of Criminology

Director:  D.H. Clairmont, BA, MA, PhD

The Atlantic Institute of Criminology (AIC) is a research institute that is heavily policy-oriented in the field of crime and the criminal justice system. Its mandate is to foster the exchange of information among researchers and policy makers in those areas. Consultative services are provided to fellow scholars and researchers, including graduate students and visiting professors, with respect to the planning and execution of research projects and related undertakings. The AIC is an entity that itself conducts extensive research in criminology, especially with respect to policing, the administration of justice, youth justice issues, race, ethnic and equity issues in justice. It has produced a significant body of policy-oriented research on Aboriginal and African-Canadian justice issues. The AIC Dalhousie website (Dalhousie - SOSA-AIC), which is regularly updated, provides a clear indication of the research products of recent years even though the website is largely restricted to research output that does not include articles in professional journals or edited books available elsewhere.