Centre for Water Resources Studies
Director: Graham Gagnon, PhD, PEng
Location: Office D-514
  1360 Barrington Street
Phone: (902) 494-3268
Email: cwrs@dal.ca

The Centre for Water Resources Studies was established in December 1981, by a resolution of the Board of Governors (TUNS). The objectives of the Centre are to carry out applied research which contributes to the effective and sustainable protection of water resources in Atlantic Canada, nationally and internationally, and to facilitate the transfer of new knowledge to potential users. Research programs directed by the Centre address the design of cost-effective on-site wastewater systems, soil erosion processes, drinking water treatment, the use of roofwater cisterns for domestic water supply, eutrophication, watershed management and the computer modeling of hydrodynamic and hydrochemical processes. The Centre also has a number of research advisory panels, which involve professionals from industry, government and academia in applied research related to water use and water management.


The Centre for Water Resources Studies is located on the fifth floor of ā€œDā€ Building on Sexton Campus. Laboratory and office space is available for specific graduate research topics, as well as ongoing research carried out by Centre personnel. Analytical equipment includes instrumentation for determining low levels of major ions and nutrients, as well as trace quantities of metal ions in water. The Centre has apparatus for laboratory investigation and pilot scale testing of innovative water treatment methods using Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) and ozonation and has worked with local consultants and municipalities to develop new applications of the technologies. The Centre is a North American leader in the development of on-site sewage disposal and has had an active research program in this area since 1987. In conjunction with the Faculty of Agriculture, the Centre has a field laboratory investigating sloping sand filters and septic disposal.

Educational Opportunities

The Centre co-operates with academic units in the training of undergraduate and graduate students who have an interest in water resources. The Centre also participates in the program leading to a dual degree in water resources engineering and planning, in conjunction with the School of Planning into the Faculty of Architecture and Planning.