Centre for Transformative Nursing and Health Research

Director: Dr. Ruth Martin-Misener 
Research Coordinator: Julie Barry
Location: School of Nursing, 5869 University Avenue, Halifax NS B3H 4R2
Phone: (902) 494-6125

The Centre for Transformative Nursing and Health Research is a designated Research Centre at Dalhousie University.  The vision of the Centre is to undertake collaborative research that develops, enhances, expands and disseminates evidence and knowledge to inform ways to improve and sustain people’s health and wellbeing. The mission of the Centre is to generate nursing research and inspire discovery that is methodologically sound, actionable, and dedicated to improving outcomes for those requiring health care, their providers and the overall system.  Through strong research partnerships and extensive research capacity building initiatives, the Research Centre will be acknowledged as a key resource for health system planning.  This collective strength creates a more research-intensive environment, transforming the culture of health research within and beyond the School so that evidence and the quest for new knowledge are well integrated into teaching and clinical practice.  The overall improved scholarly environment ensures graduates engage in original research, advance professional knowledge and are well positioned to be leaders in practice and health system change. 

In concert with the School of Nursing’s transformation strategy, Academic Plan and Research Strategy and informed by Boyer’s Model of Scholarship, the Centre’s activities will focus on four research pillars: the health needs of people, health workforce and health systems planning, marginalized populations and health equity, and knowledge translation.