Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institute

Director:  Dr. Gerry Johnston
Administrative Director:  Cindy Pettipas
Telephone:  902 494-4513
Fax:  902 494-8472

In 1999, Beatrice Hunter bequeathed $12.5 million to the Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation for cancer research, in memory of her parents, Dr. Owen and Mrs. Pearle Cameron. The bequest was placed in the Cameron Endowment Fund, with the annual earnings supporting cancer research at Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine. Early on, Beatrice Hunter’s generosity sparked the creation of the Dalhousie Cancer Research Program (DCRP) that united key players within charitable, University and government sectors to create and support a thriving cancer research community. Over a short period of time, talented researchers and trainees were recruited to the region and collectively now secure millions of dollars of cancer research funding from outside granting agencies.

In 2009, the DCRP and its funding partners took the next bold step to become the Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institute (BHCRI), which was created to foster a more powerful, productive and collaborative cancer research environment throughout Atlantic Canada. The Institute provides regular workshops, lectures and symposia that serve as a common forum for researchers to share ideas and forge new collaborations within Atlantic Canada and beyond. The Institute also provides a key entry point for members of the public who want to learn more about cancer research in the region. The Institute represents the major resource within our region for those seeking training and careers in cancer research as well as those interested in supporting cancer research. The BHCRI has over 300 active members (both principal investigators and trainees at all career stages) throughout Atlantic Canada. BHCRI is supported by advisory committees populated by cancer experts and informed members of the public that provide advice on all aspects of cancer research and training. BHCRI receives financial support from a broad range of local and national organizations and the Institute takes responsibility for allocation of financial resources that support all aspects of cancer research and training, with funds allocated through peer-review processes that meet international standards.

Researchers within the Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institute share a collective vision and work toward the same goal: to save lives and ease the burden of cancer on individuals, families and society. Even though our funding comes from many sources, all of this funding stays in Atlantic Canada to build and support cancer research within our own region.

The Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institute was approved as an institution by Dalhousie on November 29, 2017.