Certificate in Medical Physics

Offered by:  Department of Physics & Atmospheric Science, Faculty of Science

Coordinator: James Robar, james.robar@nshealth.ca, (902) 473-6017


The certificate program in Medical Physics is designed for those who hold a PhD in physics and would like to qualify for admission to medical physics residency training programs.  The program consists of one year of core coursework delivered as part of Dalhousie's CAMPEP acredited master's program in Medical Physics.

Admission Requirements / Eligibility:

Completion of a PhD in physics granted by a university in recognized standing.  Normally the specialization of the PhD will be in a branch of physics other than medical physics.

Certificate Requirements:

Core course requirements:

PHYC 6400.03: Medical Imaging Physics (Part I)

PHYC 6410.03: Medical Imaging Physics (Part II)

PHYC 6416.00: Seminars in Medical Physics

PHYC 6421.03: Radiological Physics

PHYC 6423.04: Radiation Therapy Physics

PHYC 6424.03: Special Topics in Medical Physics

PHYC 6430.03: Radiation Biology

PHYC 6431.03: Radiation Safety and Protection in Medicine

PHYC 6450.03: Computational Methods in Medical Physics

Students are typically expected to complete eight courses over two terms (September through April).