Certificate in Professional Development (FGS)

Offered by:  Faculty of Graduate Studies / Center for Learning and Teaching

Coordinator: Mabel Ho


This Certificate aims to provide support for the increasingly diverse career paths and trajectories of graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.   Through a complimentary training approach that recognizes professional development opportunities both inside and outside of a student/fellow’s normal activities at Dalhousie, this certificate focuses on development mapping and articulation of the value of the skills gained in their studies. 

Overall Professional Development Skills Certificate Outcomes:

  • articulate competencies to potential employers
  • develop intentional career mapping plans and create actionable plans directed to future professional goals
  • practice personal reflection and identify personal strengths

Admission Requirements / Eligibility:

 Please refer to the certificate’s website for application procedures.  The certificate is open to all current graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.

Certificate Requirements:

There are four components to the Certificate: 1) two core workshops (one on values identification and the other on professional identity); 2) workshops ranging across four thematic pillars (practicing communication skills, cultivating career intelligence, strengthening health and wellness, and developing leadership qualities); 3) experiential learning opportunities associated with the four pillars; and 4) reflective writing and preparing a short portfolio. 

The Certificate framework begins and ends with the Core Workshops offered by the Program Coordinator that enable participants to situate their proposed and completed learning.  Completion of all four Program Components is necessary to obtain the Certificate.  The Certificate is designed to be completed within one year but may be completed during a longer duration of a degree/fellowship.  The Program Coordinator will assess the participants’ work and a grade of pass/fail will be granted according to predetermined standards for learning outcomes.

An on-going list of available workshop and professional development opportunities will be published regularly on the certificate’s website.