Anderson, D., MD


Gray, J.
Renton, K. W.
Robertson, H. A.
Ruedy, J. R.
White, T. D.

The Carnegie and Rockefeller Professor and Head of Department

Sinal, C. J.


Denovan-Wright, E. M.
Dupré, D. J.
Fawcett, J., 
joint appointment in Pharmacology and Surgery
Goralski, K.,
 major appointment in Pharmacy
Howlett, S. E.
Hung, O. R., major appointment in Anesthesia
Kelly, M. E. M.
Lehmann, C., major appointment in Anesthesia
Lynch, M., major appointment in Anesthesia
McDougall, J. J., joint appointment in Pharmacology and Anesthesia
McMaster, C. R.
Pasumarthi, K.
Robertson, G. S., joint appointment in Psychiatry and Pharmacology
Sawynok, J.
Sinal, C. J.

Associate Professors

Brunt, K. R. (Univ of New Brunswick Campus)
Herder, M., joint appointment in Pharmacology and Law
Langille, M. G.

Assistant Professors

Grandy, S. A., major appointment in Health and Human Performance
Karakach, T.
Top, D.,
major appointment in Pediatrics

Adjunct Professors

Delbridge, L., major appointment in Physiology, Univ of Melbourne
Ellis, L.,
major appointment in NRC
Hoffman, E.,
major appointment at Center for Genetic Medicine Research, Children's National Medical Center in Washington DC
Laprairie, R. B., major appointment in Pharmacy and Nutrition, Univ of Saskatchewan
Manchia, M., major appointment Psychiatry
Pollak, P. T., major appointment in Pharmacology and Cardiac Services, Univ of Calgary


Farrell, S. R.