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The Pre-clinical Years (Med I and II)

The renal/urology component in Med II occupies two weeks of integrated introduction to a few of the pathologic processes in urology. In addition, every effort is made to co-ordinate with other units in the COPS program. Individual faculty from the Department serve as tutors.

The Clinical Years (Med III and IV)

Urology is currently a surgery selective for all clinical clerks. During this three week experience, the students work with an individual staff preceptor at one of the main Dalhousie teaching hospitals. The clerks are responsible under the supervision of faculty and residents for patient care on the wards and in the out-patient settings. They are also exposed to common operative urological procedures. The ambulatory experience includes many of the specialty clinics in Urology. During the rotation, the students are expected to meet clinical challenges with an open, enquiring mind and to internalize an understanding of basic principles of urological physiology and pathology. There is a daily topic-based seminar program with the faculty to facilitate this process. The objectives of the rotation include clinical hypothesis formation and supervised decision making. These objectives are practiced in all clinical settings but particularly in the out-patient clinics.

For those students wishing to carry on greater study of urologic principles, an elective experience is offered. This experience can be tailored to an individual student’s needs and interests.

Family Medicine Residency

Urology is offered as an elective. The four-week period is spent at the Halifax Infirmary or the Saint John Regional Hospital. The duties and assignments have been designed specifically to prepare the candidate for family practice.

Residency Training

Specialty training in Urology is available in the Department. The five year training program includes two years of core Surgery (specially designed) and three years training in Urology. Successful completion fulfils the requirements for the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada specialty examinations.

During their training the residents are expected to meet clinical problems with an open, enquiring mind and are given increasing responsibilities, commensurate with their experience. Wide exposure to a variety of urological conditions and procedures is provided. The rich clinical and surgical experience is supplemented by Departmental Grand Rounds, seminars and journal clubs. At the end of the training the resident is proficient in the specialty of Urology.

Participating hospitals include the QEII Health Sciences Centre, IWK Health Centre, and Saint John Regional Hospital.