Clean Technologies Research Institute
Director: Daniel Boyd, PhD
Administrative Offices: 6414 Coburg Road
  PO Box 15000
  Halifax, NS  B3H 4R2
Phone: (902) 494-6373
Fax: (902) 494-8016

Established in 2002, Clean Technologies Research Institute is made up of over 90 faculty members in six faculties (Science, Engineering, Dentistry, Medicine, Architecture and Planning and Health). The goals of the Institute include advancing the collective interdisciplinary research efforts in materials science and engineering at Dalhousie University, facilitating interdisciplinary teaching in materials science within the existing discipline structure, and enhancing interactions between materials researchers at Dalhousie University with relevant government laboratories and industry, especially within the region. The Institute leads collaboration within the university on interdisciplinary applications to funding agencies for major equipment and research infrastructure, and collaborates with external organizations to pursue research opportunities.

All Dalhousie University faculty members carrying out research in the area of materials are eligible to be Members of Clean Technologies Research Institute. Postdoctoral fellows and graduate students associated with these research groups are invited to become Associate Members of Clean Technologies Research Institute.

In addition to equipment operated by individual members of the Institute, Clean Technologies Research Institute has established (2003) the Facilities for Materials Characterization, an $11 million suite of instruments managed by the Institute.

The equipment includes:

  • High-field solid-state NMR spectrometer (managed by the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Research Resource)
  • Scanning electron microscope
  • Focused ion beam
  • X-ray photoelectron spectrometer (XPS)
  • Secondary ion mass spectrometer (SIMS)
  • Physical property measurement system (PPMS)
  • Scanning thermal microscope (SThM)
  • Hot press
  • Grindo Sonic
  • High-speed motion recorder/analyzer
  • FT-Raman spectrometer

These facilities are open to external users. Please contact for details.