University Regulations

The following general regulations are applicable to all payments made to the University in respect of fees. Please refer to our website for additional information on payment options:

  • Fees must be paid in Canadian funds by online bank payment, interac, negotiable cheque or money order.
  • Money transferred to a student’s account are not to exceed the annual charges associated with tuition and ancillary fees. Funding for off-campus and personal expenses is to be sent directly to the student. Overpayment on a student's account may result in funds being withheld and applied toward future term fees for up to one academic year.
  • If payment by cheque is returned by the bank as non-negotiable, there will be an additional fee of $20 and the account will be considered unpaid. Furthermore, if the bank returns a cheque that was to cover payment of tuition, the student’s registration may be cancelled and, if permitted to re-register, a late fee will apply.
  • Accounts in arrears must be paid by certified cheque, money order or interac prior to registration in a future term.

Admission Deposits

A non-refundable deposit of $200 is payable on acceptance to all new undergraduate and graduate programs. Undergraduate students admitted by April 20 are required to pay the deposit by May 15. Undergraduate students accepted after April 20 must pay the deposit within three weeks of receiving an offer of admission. Graduate students must pay the deposit within four weeks of receiving an offer of admission.

Undergraduate Medicine and Law students are required to pay a $500 non-refundable, admission deposit.

International Dentistry, Qualifying Dentistry and Internetworking students are required to pay a $2,500 non-refundable admission deposit.

Admission deposits are later credited towards tuition fees for the applicable term.


A student is considered registered after selection of course(s).

Selection of course(s) is deemed to be an agreement by the student for the payment of all assessed fees.

Non attendance does not constitute withdrawal.  Students must ensure that they cancel registration in all courses if they choose to withdraw.

Identification Cards (DalCard)

All full and part-time students should obtain identification cards following registration in the current year.  ID cards are valid until August 31.  If a card is lost, a fee of $15 is charged for a replacement.  

Audit Courses

All students auditing a course pay one-half of the regular tuition fee plus full auxiliary fees, if applicable.  In such cases, the student is required to complete the usual registration process.

A student who is registered to audit a course, who during the session wishes to change their registration to credit, must receive approval from the Registrar. This must be done on or before the last day for withdrawal without academic penalty. The same deadline applies for a change from credit to audit. Graduate students please see Section 6.6.4 for audit information.

Late Registration

Students are expected to register on or before the specified registration dates. Students wishing to register after these dates must receive the approval of the Registrar. A late registration fee of $50 will apply if registration and payment of fees has not been completed by specified dates. This fee is payable at time of payment and will be in addition to regular fees.

Course Changes and Withdrawals

Please consult Student Accounts for all financial charges and the Registrar’s Office for academic regulations.

Students withdrawing from all courses must submit written notification to the Registrar’s Office. Non attendance does not constitute withdrawal, you must ensure courses are dropped. Refunds due to class withdrawals will be effective the date a course(s) is dropped online at or written notification is received at the Registrar’s Office. Please contact Student Accounts to have your refund processed.

In the Faculty of Health, students who wish to withdraw from the University must obtain written approval from the appropriate school or college and submit the appropriate forms to the Registrar. Students in these faculties should continue to attend classes until their withdrawal has been approved.

Academic Fees

Upon approval of the 2021/2022 academic fees, a complete schedule showing the payment dates will be available in June 2021 at Students are advised that fees are subject to change by approval of the Board of Governors, and it is likely that tuition and fees will increase during each year of study.

NOTE: Students registered in more than one program are required to pay separate academic fees for each program. Additional course specific auxiliary fees may apply, as well as fees for online courses or programs related to distance delivery.

Fee Schedule

2020/2021 approved tuition rates provided as information only.  

Degree Program

Program Fee

Per Course Fee

Architecture, Community Design   846.60
Arts and Social Sciences   810.30
Computer Science   919.20
  Dentistry 27,039  
  Dental Hygiene Diploma 10,122  
  Dental Hygiene Degree   1,024.20
  International and Qualifying 54,114  
Engineering   1,005.30
  Disability Management Diploma     900.00
  Emergency Health Services Management Diploma   700.00
  Health Science   943.80
  Health Services Administration  


  Kinesiology   943.80
  Nursing   989.70
  Pharmacy, BSc.   1,081.50
  Pharmacy, Doctorate  


  Recreation & Health Education   943.80
  Social Work   895.50
Law 15,978  
  Commerce   927.90
  Management   815.40
  MD  22,050  
  Post-Graduate 3,357  
Science   919.20


Agriculture 9,753  
Architecture and Planning    
   Architecture (Post-Professional) 9,753  
   Architecture   975.90
   Environmental Design Studies 9,753  
   Planning   1,024.20
   Planning Studies 9,753  
Arts and Social Sciences 8,580  
Computer Science 9,753  
   MD/MSc (Oral and Maxillofacial) 27,813  
   Periodontics 22,179  
Digital Innovation 16,500  
Electronic Commerce 10,812  
Engineering, Applied Science, Biomedical Engineering & Food Science 9,753  
Engineering - Internet Working (per class)   2,070
Health Informatics 10,812  
   Applied Health Services Research 8,706  
   Communication Sciences & Disorders (Years 1 and 2)   12,246  
   Communication Sciences & Disorders (Year 3) 10,144  
   Clinical Vision Science 10,569  
   Health Promotion, Leisure Studies 9,753  
   Health Administration      983.10
   Kinesiology and Nursing 10,569  
   Pharmaceutical Sciences 12,246  
Occupational Therapy    
   Entry Level   14,223  
   Post Professional 12,246  
   Entry Level   14,223  
   Rehabilitation Research 12,246  
Social Work   947.40
Law 8,580  
   Business (MSc) 9,753  
   MBA Corporate Residency   25,552  
   Environmental Studies 8,676  
   Information, Information Studies  


   Public Administration   859.20
   Resource and Environmental Management   859.20
   Community Health & Epidemiology 10,569  
   Medicine - Except Community Health & Epidemiology 9,753  
Science 9,753  
   Marine Management 8,676  
 Cohorts Entering Fall 2020    
   Arts and Social Sciences 4,269  
   All Other Doctorate Programmes 6,330  
 Cohorts Entering Prior to Fall 2019    
   Agriculture 10,191  
   Arts and Social Sciences 8,994  
   Computer Science 10,191  
   Engineering, Applied Science & Biomedical Engineering 10,191  
   Health 10,191  
   Law 12,435  
   Medicine 10,191  
   Nursing 11,001  
   Science 10,191  
Continuing Fee
   All Programs 2,664  
International Students
 Additional International Tuition Fee -    
 Cohorts Entering Fall 2020    
   All Programs except Graduate Thesis-based * 13,077  
   Graduate Thesis-based Programs (PhD, International Dentistry, Qualifying Dentistry, and Internet working are exempt) 6,972  
 Cohorts Entering Prior to Fall 2019    
   All Programs except Graduate Thesis-based * 10,089  
   Graduate Thesis-based Programs (PhD, International Dentistry, Qualifying Dentistry, and Internet working are exempt) 6,972  
International Health Insurance 728 per year  
Agricultural Campus
Degree (undergraduate)   858.60
Technical   454.60
Introductory Studies   417.20
Veterinary Technology   611.40

Note: Per course fees are based on a three credit hour course. Complete fee schedules are available online The online fee schedule is expected to be updated by June 2021 with approved academic fees for 2021/2022.                   * International students are required to pay an International Tuition Fee in addition to tuition.

Exchange Students

Outbound exchange students whose fees are paid to Dalhousie University will be assessed tuition and fees for 15 credit hours for the faculty of their degree.

International Students

Additional International Tuition Fee

Registered students, who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents are required to pay an Additional International Tuition Fee to a maximum of $6,538.50 per term, subject to increase in 2021/2022.  The rate for students returning in 2020/21 to their 2018/2019 programme of study is $5,044.50 per term or $6,972 per year for those in thesis-based graduate programmes.  There is a proportional charge for part-time international students. International Dentistry, Qualifying Dentistry and Internet working students are exempt, as are PhD students who were admitted for September 2019 onwards. Graduate Students please refer to Section 5.7 of the Graduate Studies Calendar to determine the number of years a student is required to pay the international tuition fee.

If a student receives permanent resident status, the Additional International Tuition Fee will not be assessed for the current term and beyond. In order to process a retroactive reimbursement of differential fees in a current term, acceptable proof of residency must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office prior to the last business day of December, April, and August for each term.

Health Insurance

International students will be charged for an International Student Health Insurance Plan when they register. If a student already has sufficient, comparable health coverage, they can apply to opt out of the International Student Plan at the DSU Health Plan Office before September 17, 2021. More details on the international student health plan costs, coverage and the opt-out process can be found at Full-time international students will also be assessed the extended DSU Health and Dental plans. 

Health Insurance - International Students (2020/2021 rates, for information only)

  • Single  -    $  728 per year
  • Family  -   $1,832 per year

Student Fees

In addition to tuition and course related fees, the following mandatory incidental fees may apply. These fees are non-refundable beyond the due date for each term. In cases of late cancellations or retro-active withdrawal, the mandatory incidental fees remain payable. Rates provided as information only, subject to change for 2021/2022.

Student Union Fee

Every student registered at Dalhousie is a member of the Student Union and required to pay a Student Union fee as part of their registration procedure. These fees have been approved by students in referenda and, along with other revenue of the Union, are allocated each year by the Student Council budget.

For information only, 2020/2021 full-time Student Union fees are $77.28 per term.

Health and Dental Insurance

Each Fall term, full-time students are assessed the DSU Health and Dental Plan that provides extended coverage from September through August. The current rate is $464 per year.

Students with separate health insurance may apply to the DSU for reimbursement. For more information please contact the DSU Health Plan Office, Student Union Building (SUB), Room 344, Phone: (902) 494-2850 or visit their website at

Student Service Fee

Student Service provides and supports various Dalhousie Services including health services, academic support and athletics. For information only, 2020/2021 Student Service fee is $167.40 per term for full-time students.

The following services will be provided without additional charges unless specified:

  • Change from Audit to Credit
  • Confirmation of Enrolment
  • Confirmation of Fee Payment
  • Dalplex Membership
  • Leave of Absence Fee
  • Letter of Permission
  • Replacement Tax Receipt
  • Transcripts (maximum of five requested at one time

Facilities Renewal Fee

All students are assessed a facilities renewal fee of $94.90 per term; $31.50 per term for part-time students.   Full-time, Halifax students are also assessed a recreation renewal fee of $90 per term (to a maximum of $180 per year) which supports athletic facilities.  Students in the Faculties of Engineering, Architecture and Planning also pay a Sexton Campus Facilities Renewal Fee of $100 per term which supports the IDEA Building.

2020/2021 rates provided for information only and are subject to increase upon approval of the Board of Governors. 

University Bus Pass Fee (UPass)

All eligible, full-time students will receive a Metro-Transit bus pass (UPass). The fee in 2020/2021 is $162.70 and is effective September through April. Please refer to for further information.  Eligibility for the summer UPass program is detemined by summer term registration and as information, the rate for Summer 2021 is $81.35

Laboratory Deposits

A deposit for the use of laboratory facilities in certain departments is required. The deposit is determined and collected by these departments. Students will be charged for careless or willful damage regardless of whether a deposit is required.

Additional Student Fees

Departments may also charge additional fees on a cost recovery basis not included in the fee schedule. Examples include, but are not limited to, print or copy fees, transportation costs and material fees. Students registered in online courses and distance programs will be assessed additional fees for delivery of these courses.

Miscellaneous fees are charged as outlined in the table below.

Miscellaneous Fees 2020/2021

Fee Amount Payable at
Late Registration $50 Student Accounts
Reinstatement Fee $50 Student Accounts
Returned Cheque $20 Student Accounts
Admission Deposit $200 Student Accounts
Undergraduate Medicine Admission Deposit $500 Student Accounts
Application Fee - Undergraduate $70 Registrar
Application Fee - Graduate $115 Registrar
Late Graduation Application $50 Registrar
Replacement ID $15 DalCard Office
Replacement Bus Pass $15 DalCard Office or Student Accounts
Transcript *$5 Registrar
Fax Fees    
   Metro $5 Registrar
   Canadian $10 Registrar
   International $15 Registrar
Residence Application Fee $50 Residence

* Where appropriate, contact Registrar’s Office for details Note: Fees are subject to change after publication of this calendar.

Statements and Monthly Notices

Students with current activity will be issued electronic statements. Students will be notified through their official Dalhousie email account when a new statement is available. Subsequent monthly payment reminders will be sent to the student’s official Dalhousie email address. Refer to for more information.

Release of Student Financial Information

University policy recognizes the financial account as belonging to the student and therefore, to protect student privacy, account information is considered confidential. For more information on granting permission for financial information to be released to a third party (such as a parent), please contact Student Accounts at (902) 494-3998 or in Truro at (902) 893-6361


The payment of academic fees will be received at the Student Accounts Office located in the Henry Hicks Academic Administration building, the Enrolment Services Centre on Sexton Campus or the Enrolment Services Centre, Truro.

For the convenience of students, Canadian cheques and money orders, payable to Dalhousie University, are accepted by mail. Fees paid by mail must be received by Student Accounts on or before the term due date to avoid late payment and/or delinquency charges.

The following regulations apply to the payment of academic fees. For further information on regulations regarding withdrawal of registration, please refer to II.K:

a. All students must pay the applicable deposit in accordance with Section A.
b. Those holding external scholarships or awards paid by, or through, Dalhousie must provide documentation of the scholarship or award before term fees are due.
c. Those whose fees are paid by a government (or other agency) must have the third party billing form completed and submit to Student Accounts by September 17 or January 14 for the respective term. This form is available online at
d. Those paying the account balance by Canada Student Loan must negotiate the loan by September 17 or January 14 for the respective term. Interest will be charged after these dates and a late registration fee will apply.
e. Those whose fees are paid by Dalhousie University staff tuition fee waiver must present the appropriate waiver form and pay applicable incidental fees by September 17 or January 14, for the respective term.
f. Those who are Canadian citizens (or permanent residents), 65 years of age (or over) and enrolled in an undergraduate degree program will have their tuition fees waived, but must pay the applicable incidental fees.
g. Scholarships or awards paid by, or through, Dalhousie University will be applied to academic and residence fees.
h. When a Canada Student Loan, provincial loan or co-payable bursary is presented at the Student Accounts Office, any unpaid charges will be deducted.
i. Fees cannot be deducted from salaries paid to students employed at Dalhousie University.
j. Any payments made to a student account is first applied to past due balances.

Canada Student Loans

Students planning to pay by Canada Student Loan should apply to their province in April or May so that funds will be available by the time payment is required. The University will deduct fees/charges from the loan at the time of endorsement. Please contact the appropriate provincial office to determine eligibility as well as course load requirements. A late fee of $50 will apply if the loan is negotiated after September 17, 2021. (January 14, 2022 for students registered for Winter Term and May 16, 2022 for students registering for the summer term).

Provincial Bursaries and University Scholarships

These cheques are distributed by the Student Accounts Office. Any unpaid fees and/or temporary loans along with charges, if applicable, are deducted and payment will be issued following endorsement for any balance remaining. A valid Dalhousie University ID and Social Insurance Number must be presented in order to receive cheques. Please contact the appropriate provincial office to determine eligibility as well as courseload requirements for provincial bursaries.

For more information on student loans, bursaries or scholarships, inquiries should be directed to the Registrar’s Office, Henry Hicks Academic Administration Building, Room 130.


The amount of academic fees constituting an income tax credit is determined by Canada Revenue Agency.

A special income tax certificate (T2202) will be available annually through Web for Student at no later than February 28 for the prior calendar year.


Students withdrawing from all courses must submit written notification to the Registrar’s Office. Non-attendance does not constitute withdrawal, you must ensure courses are dropped. Refunds due to course withdrawals will be effective the date a course(s) is dropped online at or written notification is received at the Registrar’s Office. Please contact Student Accounts to have your refund processed.

In the Faculty of Health Professions, students who wish to withdraw from the University must obtain written approval from the appropriate school or college and submit the appropriate forms to the Registrar. Students in these faculties should continue to attend class until their withdrawal has been approved.

Refund Conditions

Refunds will be processed as follows:

a. Based on the withdrawal date, tuition is refunded based on percentages outlined in the refund schedule at
b. No fee adjustment will be made for a student changing their degree or program as follows:
Regular (Sept - April) and Fall Terms        After September 17, 2021
Winter Term                                              After January 14, 2022
Summer Term                                          After May 16, 2022
c. No refunds will be made for 30 days when payment has been made by personal cheque or 60 days for a cheque drawn on a bank outside of Canada.
d. Refunds will be made to the appropriate Student Loan service provider if a student has paid with a student loan and no longer meets eligibility criteria.
e. A student who is dismissed from the University, for any reason, is not entitled to a refund of fees.
f. Refunds will be prorated on fees paid by Dalhousie scholarships and/or tuition waiver.
g. A valid Dalhousie University ID must be presented in order for a student to collect a refund cheque.

Refund Schedule

The most current version of the refund schedule is available at

Important Information Regarding Refunds

 A portion of fees as outlined in the refund schedule will be assessed if withdrawal from a course occurs after September 17 (Fall Term) and January 14 (Winter Term). Withdrawals before these dates will be completely refunded, but no substitutions will be allowed from a financial perspective after these dates
 Non-attendance does not constitute withdrawal and in cases of a backdated withdrawal, mandatory incidental fees remain payable.

 Students of the University of King’s College should refer to college refund policies at

For financial charge inquiries, contact Student Accounts at (902) 494-3998 or

Delinquent Accounts

Accounts are considered delinquent when the balance of fees has not been paid by September 17 for the Fall Term or January 14 for the Winter Term.

Interest, at a rate set by the University, will be charged weekly on delinquent accounts for the number of days overdue.

Effective July 1, 2020 the rate of interest is 5.45% per annum, compounded monthly.

A student whose account is delinquent for more than 30 days will be denied University privileges including access to transcripts. A student will be reinstated upon payment of the fees outstanding, the arrears interest and a $50 reinstatement fee. Students will not be permitted to register in future terms until all outstanding amounts are paid in full. Subsequently, if the bank does not honour the payment, the student may be deregistered.

Graduating students whose accounts are delinquent on April 15 will not receive their degree/diploma parchment. For fall graduation the deadline is September 1. Transcripts are withheld until payment is received in full.

Accounts which become seriously delinquent may be placed in collection or further legal action may be taken against the individual. Students will be responsible for charges incurred as a result of such action.