Academic Regulations

Students are reminded that the academic regulations stated in the calendar are abridged for reference. In addition to the Academic Regulations section of this calendar and the regulations stated below, the current Faculty of Engineering Working Rules also apply to all students.

Courses on Letters of Permission

The academic program for a student will normally contain a maximum of two courses on a letter of permission.

Course Grades

A student must achieve a grade of D or greater in each course of the curriculum and satisfy the regulations set out herein in order to graduate. Where Faculty regulations permit, a student who achieves a grade of FM in a required course may write a supplementary examination to attempt to raise the grade to D or greater. If the grade is not raised to at least D by means of a supplementary examination or if a supplementary examination is not permitted, the student must repeat the course. See also Supplementals.

The FM grade will be issued to students with numerical marks in the range 46-49.9%, if a supplemental examination is available in the course.

A student is permitted to repeat a failed mandatory course only once. In the case of a failed elective course, a student may choose either to repeat the course or to substitute another elective course in lieu of the failed course. In the case of a substituted course only one such substitution is allowed. A student will be academically dismissed if the grade achieved in the repeated mandatory course or the repeated elective course or the substituted course is less than D.

Readmission After Academic Dismissal

A student who has been academically dismissed only once from their program may apply to be readmitted to the same program after a minimum of eight months from the time of dismissal, or, such a student may apply to be admitted to a different engineering program starting immediately. Readmission may be granted by the Faculty on the recommendation of the Department concerned. A department may readmit a student who has been academically dismissed, subject to special academic conditions set by the department, which are based on an evaluation of the student’s academic record. See also Academic Dismissal.


Only those students who are registered for a full load of courses as measured by the curriculum of the program concerned will be eligible for scholarships and awards in the Faculty of Engineering.

Supplementary Examinations


Supplemental examinations may be offered to students who:

  1. Have received a FM grade in the course (see Course Grades).
  2. Are on academic probation and have received a course grade less than C, in an attempt to raise the student’s term GPA to at least 2.0.

A student who is on Academic Dismissal is not eligible to write a supplemental examination. Only one supplemental examination will be permitted per session.


The supplemental examination mark will normally replace the final examination mark in calculating the course grade. The course grade resulting from a supplemental examination will replace the original course grade for all purposes.


Supplemental examinations will not necessarily be available for all courses. If a 1000-level or 2000-level course is offered in the Faculty of Engineering, and it that course has a final examination in the formal examination period, the course will offer supplemental examinations for eligible students. For all engineering courses, students will be informed by the instructor, at the beginning of a course, if a supplemental exam is available.


Supplemental examinations will normally be held in late August prior to the fall term, early January in the winter term and early May in the summer term.

In the case of 1000-level and 2000-level supplemental examinations, the supplemental examination will be written at the first supplemental examination date following the final examination date. For 3000-level and 4000-level courses which offer supplemental examinations, the exam will be held at the beginning of the next regularly scheduled study term for the student’s program. If the next study term is a fall term, the supplemental examinations will be held in late August, prior to the start of term.

Supplemental examinations for a particular course must be written at the first scheduled date, as outlined above, and cannot be postponed or carried forward to a later session.

Repeating Students

If changes are made in the curriculum, repeating students will be required to satisfy the new curriculum.

Auditing a Course

See definition of “audit student”.

Students who are registered for a degree in the Faculty must have the approval of the Faculty to audit a course. Such approval can be obtained by submitting a written request to the Dean, who will refer the matter to the Faculty for a decision.

Students who are not registering for a degree in the Faculty must obtain the approval of the Department to audit a course.

Reporting of absences from Assessments

  1. This policy applies to all courses in the Faculty of Engineering.
  2. All reporting of medical excuses, or self-reporting of absences, is to the Associate Dean of Engineering.
  3. Every syllabus shall specify how missed work will be accommodated.
  4. “Final coursework” is excluded.
  5. Medical notes are required for missing any work that is considered “Final Coursework”. When medical notes are required, the following Faculty of Engineering policy shall be followed.

    Medical Notes
    Students who miss final examinations or final coursework for medical reasons must submit medical notes to the Undergraduate Studies Office for consideration by the Associate Dean of Engineering. This must be done within seven days of the submission deadline or exam date in question. The medical note is verified, and the professor advised if they may submit the grade of ILL before arrangements for special examinations or rewrites may be made. Meanwhile, the student will be given the grade earned in the class, minus the value of the missed examination.

  6. A student who misses a deferred examination, shall not be given another deferred examination – in this case, medical evidence can be presented to justify a permanent grade of “ILL”.


Information pertaining to fees and expenses is given in the “Fees” section.

Financial Assistance

Information pertaining to Financial Assistance is given in the “Awards and Financial Aid” section.