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Strategic Public Communications: Building Impact & Influence

This course examines the foundational elements of communication and its many facets. You'll cover everything from employee communication to media relations, to the changing nature of communication in a digital landscape.

Business Law Essentials for Leaders
This course is designed to provide participants with practical knowledge that can be used in the business world. The course covers topics such as: contract law, negligence, legislation applicable to the workplace, employment law, setting up a business, intellectual property and electronic commerce.

Coaching Skills for Leaders
Throughout your learning journey in this course you will gain knowledge of theory, you will be asked to apply that knowledge in a specific leadership context, and you will be offered the opportunity to practice.

Critical Thinking, Decision-Making and Problem-Solving for Leaders
The course is a practical introduction to critical thinking, decision-making and problem-solving as needed for leaders in today’s complex and rapidly changing contexts.

Ethics in Action
This highly interactive course includes journaling, teamwork, and online discussions to enable active learning. It requires deep thinking in order to help you become consciously aware of and articulate clearly about ethics.

Finance Essentials for Public Sector Leaders
The course will teach you to interpret and apply financial information for short, medium and long-term decisions. The course is practical, using case studies to explore the financial information of different types of real organizations.

Human Resources Management
This course will introduce contemporary human resources (HR) practices. Human resources have become critical to organizational, team and individual successes.

Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication
This 12-week course brings together the best theories and practices of communication between people in society.

Leadership Dynamics
This course will challenge you to question your fundamental assumptions, beliefs, and values regarding leading people. You will be asked to look closely at who you are as a leader today, and who you would like to become in the future.

Mastering Strategy
This course has been designed to have you learn both about strategy and how to be strategic, providing learners with the knowledge needed to understand strategy as well as the opportunity to build the skills and competencies required to leverage this understanding.

Microeconomic Decision-Making for Leaders
This course is designed for non-economics majors to learn about fundamental economic principles through thoughtful and engaging scenarios that we encounter every day.

Organizational Behaviour
In this course, students explore frameworks used to study and predict what people think, feel and do in and around organizations.