Writing & Communications

Effective communication is key to a successful business. Develop the skills you need to communicate with style and confidence in the workplace.


Customer Service Specialization

With robotics in artificial intelligence, customer service is a fast-changing industry and it is vital to stay on top of the most current market trends. Looking at real-world examples and case studies, this certificate program covers the different phases of implementing a customer service plan. We will also examine operations, management techniques, and data reporting methods that all support customer success management (CSM) program implementation.

Required Courses:

  • Understanding the Value of Customer Success
  • Implementing Customer Success Strategies
  • Refining, Measuring, and Improving Customer Success Strategies

Technical Writing

You're interested in this certificate because you're looking for a grammar refresh or strategies to write concise and informative technical reports and proposals. This certificate is intended for professionals working in a technical field such as engineering, technology, or science. To earn the certificate, you need to take four courses. These courses can also be taken individually.

Required Course:

  • Technical Writing Essentials

Electives (Three Required):

  • Grammar Tune-up
  • Writing Clear Technical Reports
  • Writing Emails that Get Results
  • Project Management Documents
  • Persuasive Writing

Standalone Courses

Accident Investigation
In this nine-week course, you will gain the necessary background, understanding, and innovative methods required to conduct a thorough and effective accident investigation.