Application Submission

It is the responsibility of each applicant to ensure that the application file is complete. The following must be submitted by each applicant to the Registrar’s Office:

  • A completed application form
  • The appropriate application fee for the program (refer to Application for Admission form)
  • For students applying directly from high school, an official record of high school work
  • An official academic transcript from all previous post-secondary institutions (if applicable)
  • Evidence of competency in English for applicants whose first language is not English (see English Language Proficiency Requirements)
  • Supplementary information as required for specific programs
  • Mature applicants should also enclose a letter

Documents, once submitted, become the property of Dalhousie University and cannot be returned.

January Admissions

Admission of first-year students in January is not recommended because the number of introductory courses in the winter term is very limited. Part-time students and transfer students may be admitted for courses beginning in January in BA, BCSc, BACSc, BSc, BEDS, BEng, BMGT and Special Student (Non-Degree) programs. The application deadline for January admission is November 15.

Response to Applications

Dalhousie will respond to your application as promptly as possible and will advise you of any missing documentation. Please notify the Registrar’s Office if your address changes.

When documentation is complete, applications are assessed for admission. Although every effort is made to obtain decisions quickly, there will be some delay at times, particularly with limited enrolment programs. There may also be some delay in admission decisions for programs starting beyond the next academic session.

As soon as decisions are made, applicants will be advised by email.

Early acceptance

Applicants currently attending high school, who have good academic records and a competitive admission average may be given early acceptance, conditional on satisfactory completion of work in which they are currently enrolled.

Final acceptance

Applicants must successfully complete high school courses in the required subjects with a minimum average of 70%. An official transcript of final grades must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office by August 1st.