Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Bachelor of Arts

  • English 12
  • Four other acceptable university-preparatory courses at the grade 12 level
  • Minimum final grades:
    • English - 65%
    • Other Subjects - 60%
    • Overall Average - 70%

Bachelor of Music, BA Music and other Music degree programs

  • Satisfy the requirements for Bachelor of Arts
  • Demonstrate proficiency in applied instrument or voice in an audition/interview
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the basic rudiments of music theory (roughly equivalent to Grade II theory, Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto), aural dictation and keyboard skills. Each is assessed through written diagnostic tests as part of the audition/interview.
  • Submit the supplementary application form to the Fountain School of Performing Arts.

It is recommended that students apply early for the purposes of admission, audition, and performing arts scholarship consideration. Audition dates are listed on the supplementary form and all audition procedures should be completed by June 1.

Applicants who, in the estimation of the Auditioning Committee, show considerable musical talent but are in need of more emphasis on preparatory skills will be advised to update skills over the summer months. Applicants who do not meet minimum standards will be advised to seek further preparation through private instruction before reapplying.

Students wishing to transfer from another institution into the second or third year of their chosen Music program must take validation examinations in music theory, aural and keyboard skills, and their applied major instrument before transfer of credits can be considered. Failure to pass an examination will necessitate enrolment in the appropriate first- or second-year course. Validation examinations are normally written at the same time as the audition/interview. Transfer applications are subject to the June 1 deadline.

Diploma in Costume Studies (two years)

The Diploma in Costume Studies is an intensive two-year qualification intended primarily for students who have completed a Bachelor's degree at a recognized university.  Students who have completed at least two full years of successful study at a recognized university may be considered for the Diploma on a case-by-case basis.

Applicants are asked to submit a brief letter outlining their interest in the program, their background in sewing, costume study/design and/or the theatre. The letter should be sent as an email attachment to admissions@dal.ca or mailed to:

Dalhousie University
Henry Hicks Academic Administration Building
Room 130, 6299 South Street
PO Box 15000
Halifax, NS  B3H 4R2