Admission Dates 2022/2023

Final Dates for Receipt of Applications for Admission

Regular Session 2022/2023

Faculties of Arts and Social Sciences, Computer Science, Engineering, Management, and Science
Bachelor of Science (Medical Sciences) March 15
International Students (except USA) April 1
Students entering from Canada or USA1 May 15
Returning Dalhousie Students August 15
Diploma in Meteorology August 15
Faculty of Agriculture
Bachelor of Agriculture July 1
All other programs August 15
Faculty of Architecture and Planning
Bachelor of Community Design1 June 1
Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies March 1
Faculty of Health
Pharmacy February 1
Social Work, Health Sciences February 15
BSc (Recreation)1 , BSc (Kinesiology)1,
and BSc (Health Promotion)1
June 1
Health Services Admin (DHSA, DEHSM) March 1
BSc (Nursing) February 28
DDS December 1
Dental Hygiene March 15
Dentistry Qualifying Program April 1
Bachelor of Dental Hygiene (BDH) March 15
Paediatric General Practice Residency Program September 30
MD July 31
JD February 28

Winter Term

BA, BEng, BSc, BCSc, BMGT, BACSc and Health Services Admin programs only November 15
Returning Dalhousie Students 3 November 15
BEDS Transfer students November 1

1 Late applications may be considered but we cannot guarantee space in programs.
2 Information on these programs is included in the appropriate calendar.
3 For students returning to the same undergraduate programs, or attending as Special Students in any faculty

NOTE: In order to be considered for entrance awards, applications for admission from high school students must be received by March 1 for most programs.