Disability Management
Location: School of Occupational Therapy - Forrest Building
5869 University Avenue
Room 215
P.O. Box 15000
Halifax, NS
B3H 4R2
Telephone: (902) 494-2950
Fax: (902) 494-1229
Website: www.dal.ca/occupationaltherapy
Email: disability.management@dal.ca


Students registered in the courses of the Disability Management Certificate Program (CDM) are bound by the University and Faculty regulations in the same manner as all Dalhousie students. The University and Faculty of Health regulations are found in the University Regulations section of the Dalhousie University Calendar. Academic regulations are found in the Academic Regulations section of the Calendar. It is the responsibility of each CDM student to become familiar with both the University and Faculty of Health regulations.

Please make note of the “Acceptable Use Policy” found in the University Regulations section of the Dalhousie Calendar. Because of the distance learning component of this Program, students should pay particular attention to regulations designed to respect the rights of other computer users.

Course Grades

The minimum passing grade for all of the CDM courses is 50%. A course may be repeated only once, with a maximum of two repeated courses permitted. A student who fails the same course twice will not be awarded the Certificate.


On occasion, conflict or disagreement on final grades or evaluative procedures may arise. All students are expected to familiarize themselves with the processes available to them for academic appeals. Timeliness is of the essence for presentation and consideration of all appeals and, in all instances, the first level of appeal will be at the informal level.

Formal appeals of a final grade or a procedural problem must follow the regulations as stated in the University Calendar and such appeals will only be considered after failure to resolve the issue at the informal level has occurred. Students who do not follow these procedures will automatically forfeit their right to further consideration of their appeal and the original decision will remain in effect.

Informal Process

For each instance, the student and instructor, with guidance for the CDM Program Coordinator, are expected to attempt to resolve the matter informally within 15 days of the matter giving rise to the appeal.

Formal Process

If the matter cannot be resolved informally, the student my initiate a formal appeal by following the procedures set down in the University Calendar (see Regulation 16.7 of the Academic Regulations section for appeals of grades, and the Academic Regulations section for the Faculty of Health appeals process.

Note that both the Dalhousie University Calendar and the Faculty of Health policies appear on the Dalhousie University website.

Certificate Completion

Upon completion of all four courses of the Certificate in Disability Management Program, students submit the Request for Certificate form to the office of the Certificate in Disability Management Program. Once the Request form has been processed and approved, the Certificate is granted to the student. This Certificate is not awarded at Convocation.

To obtain the Request for Certificate form please refer to the Disability Management Program and click on How to Apply.