Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology)

Program Description

Kinesiology is the study of the structure and function of the human body within the context of human movement and with a focus on the maintenance and enhancement of health and well-being. Students may elect to concentrate in one of three professional areas - ergonomics; fitness and lifestyle; or coaching science* - or follow a more general stream with a focus on research or other professional areas in which human movement and health are central. The School offers a four-year BSc (Kinesiology) degree as well as a four-year honours degree in Kinesiology.
* See stream requirements under Program of Study below.

The goals of these degrees are to provide students with:

  1. A broad background in various subdisciplines of Kinesiology, including anatomy, physiology, neurophysiology, biomechanics, movement control and psychology of performance;
  2. An exposure to several science disciplines which are prerequisite and/or complementary to the kinesiology subdisciplines (e.g. biology, physics, psychology, mathematics);
  3. An introduction to the discipline of health promotion and an appreciation of the role kinesiology plays in health and well-being concerns of the individual;
  4. An exposure to some aspects of the humanities and social sciences, as a means of enhancing the liberal education of the student and addressing social concerns in relation to health promotion;
  5. A solid foundation in research methodology and statistics, including opportunities for independent research if the student should so choose;
  6. An understanding of the principles and tools necessary to evaluate human movement from a variety of perspectives and in a variety of settings, as well as hands-on experience in several evaluative procedures;
  7. Professional preparation in the areas of fitness and lifestyle; ergonomics; or coaching sciences;
  8. Experiences in active and problem-based learning;
  9. The necessary background to enable the student to pursue graduate work in kinesiology or other related fields.

Program of Study

On admission into the BSc (Kinesiology) program, all students will be issued a Program of Studies Form. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all of the course requirements for the degree as outlined on the form are completed for graduation.

Required Courses - BSc (Kinesiology)

  • ENGL 1100.03                                                    3
  • HAHP 2000.03                                                    3
  • HAHP 3100.03                                                    3
  • ANAT 1020.03                                                    3
  • PHYC 1310.03                                                    3
  • PHYL 1011.03                                                     3
  • PHYL 1012.03                                                     3
  • KINE 1102.03                                                     3
  • KINE 1104.03                                                     3
  • KINE 1106.06                                                     3
  • KINE 1108.03                                                     3
  • KINE 3250.03                                                     3             
  • KINE 2310.03                                                     3
  • KINE 2320.03                                                     3
  • KINE 2430.03                                                     3
  • KINE 2465.03                                                     3
  • KINE 3200.03                                                     3
  • KINE 3500.03                                                     3
  • MATH 1060.03 /STAT 1060.03                             3

Kinesiology Electives*     21
Science Electives**         12
Open Electives***          30

* 6 credit hours of Kinesiology electives must be at the 4000 level; the remaining 15 credit hours must be either at the 3000 or 4000 level.
**12 credit hours of science electives must be selected from the following list:

*** Open electives must include at least 15 credit hours at the 2000 level or above.

Students considering applying for the Honours degree should refer to Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology) with Honours to view honours degree admission and completion requirements.

Stream Requirements

Students interested in focusing on Ergonomics; Fitness and Lifestyle; or Coaching Science at an advanced level will be guided into one of three specialty streams. A maximum of 12 students/year/stream will be selected, primarily on the basis of GPA. Students wishing to complete a stream should consult the student advisor.

The following is a list of required courses for each stream. Any courses over the 18 credit hours of required KINE electives can be counted as open electives:

Ergonomics Stream

Fitness and Lifestyle Stream

  • KINE 3414.03: Exercise Testing and Prescription for Healthy Populations
  • KINE 3419.03: Application of Physiological Principles to Human Performance
  • KINE 3485.03: Psychology of Sport OR
  • LEIS 3492.03: Counselling for Health and Well-being
  • KINE 4108.03: Mind/Body Connections and Well-being
  • KINE 4412.06: Advanced Exercise Testing and Prescription for Clinical Populations

Coaching Science Stream

  • KINE 3320.03: Anatomical Basis of Human Movement
  • KINE 3419.03: Application of Physiological Principles to Human Performance
  • KINE 3430.03: Principles of Skill Acquisition
  • KINE 3482.03: Care and Prevention of Injuries
  • KINE 3485.03: Psychology of Sport
  • KINE 3740.03: Coaching Science Seminar
  • KINE 3741.03: Coaching Science Practicum
  • KINE 4740.03: Advanced Coaching Science Seminar
  • KINE 4741.03: Advanced Coaching Science Practicum
  • MGMT 2401.03: Introduction to Marketing