Bachelor of Health Promotion

The Bachelor of Health Promotion is a four-year undergraduate degree program aligned with, and accredited through, the International Union of Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE).  Health promotion is focused on achieving population health and wellbeing.  The discipline of health promotion involves planning institutional, political, community, and education initiatives aimed at improving health and living conditions to support health and wellbeing.  Health promotion values respect, inclusion, equity, sustainability, and social justice.

Core competencies for health promotion practitioners include enabling change, advocating for health, mediating partnerships, communication, and leadership.  Responsibilities of health promotion practitioners include assessments of needs and assets, planning and implementing health promotion interventions, and conducting evaluation and research.

The Bachelor of Health Promotion program guides students in attaining: (1) knowledge, attitudes and practices conducive to supporting health and wellbeing; (2) professional preparation for a career in health promotion; and (3) academic preparation for advanced study and research in health promotion of health-related fields.

Program of Study

NOTE: On admission into the Bachelor of Health Promotion program, all students will be issued a Program of Studies Form. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all of the requirements for the degree as outlined on the form are completed for graduation.

Required Courses - Bachelor of Health Promotion

Required HAHP Courses

Courses Credit Hours
HAHP 1000                 3
HAHP 1200 3
HAHP 2000 3
HAHP 3100                        3

 Required HPRO Courses

Courses Credit Hours
HPRO 1195                 3
HPRO 2110 3
HPRO 2120 3
HPRO 2361 3
HPRO 3397 3
HPRO 3422 3
HPRO 4110 3
HPRO 4495                        15

Other Required Courses

Courses Credit Hours
SOSA 1003 3
HSCE 1020  3
HSCE 1030 3
STAT 1060 3
Writing Requirement*         3

Required Electives:

Courses Credit Hours
HAHP/HPRO Electives** 21
Health Related Electives*** 12
Open Electives**** 24

NOTE:   All students must register in IPHE 4900 every semester and must complete this requirement to graduate.   Upon completion of the degree, students will receive a Certificate in Interprofessional Collaboration.

*Writing Requirement:  See list of Writing Requirement course options under Degree Requirements section under the College of Arts and Science in the academic calendar.

**HAHP/HPRO Electives – students must select 21 credit hours from courses included in the following list:

Courses Credit Hours
HAHP 3000                         3
HPRO 2255 3
HPRO 3250 3
HPRO 3325 3
HPRO 3351  3
HPRO 3360  3
HPRO 4101 3
HPRO 4412 3
HPRO 4450 3
HPRO 4595 3
HPRO 4701 3

(NOTE: For students completing an honours degree, HPRO 4102 may be counted in this category)

*** Health Related Electives:  Students must select 12 credit hours of course work at Dalhousie that has a primary focus on health content.  Generally, any course from the Faculty of Health or any course with health in the title will count in this category. Other courses are considered as well – please see an advisor for consultation if you are uncertain.

****Open Electives:  These can be chosen from any available course at Dalhousie.  Twelve (12) of the 24 credit hours of open electives must be 2000 level or higher.