Course Descriptions IPHE 2201   Introduction to Aboriginal Peoples' Health and Healing
This course provides students the opportunity to learn about Aboriginal perspectives regarding health, as well as the multiple and complex challenges facing Aboriginal peoples with respect to key health issues, such as health and social inequities, the epidemiology of disease and culturally appropriate service provision.

IPHE 4900   Interprofessional Health Education Portfolio
This course is intended to prepare students to work in a collaborative and patient/client/community/family-centered work environments. Students in Faculty of Health undergraduate programs are required to maintain registration in this course for the duration of their studies. The student will be required to have completed, by the end of their program of study, a total number of different, meaningful and relevant interprofessional collaborative learning experiences (as determined and approved by the School/College) equal to two times the number of years or part of years of study in the program. At least one of these experiences will be in a practice setting (which could include a simulated practice setting). In the event there are no students from other professions in any of the student's practice settings, credit may be granted for interactions with non-student professionals which follow an approved structured format. The experiences will include interactions with undergraduate and/or graduate students from a total of at least 4 different related professions with which there are natural affinities or linkages in the professional environment, some professions of which are outside the student's home School/College. In accordance with the guidelines/requirements of the home School/College, students will prepare a portfolio (or comparable document/process) which maps their interprofessional collaborative learning experiences on to the specific requirements of the School/College. The portfolio will be graded by the School/College on a Pass/Fail basis. Successful completion of this course is a requirement for graduation in all programs, and will be recognized further with the awarding of a special Certificate in Interprofessional Collaboration to be presented by the Faculty of Health.
NOTES: Students must ensure they are registered for the correct section that corresponds with their school/college and should check the timetable for the appropriate section for their discipline. Health and Human Performance: section 02. Health Sciences: section 03
FORMAT COMMENTS: Portfolio overseen by individual Faculty of Health School/College
RESTRICTIONS: Health students only