Director of the School

MacDonald, J.

Associate Director

Karabanow, J.

Undergraduate Coordinator

Lewis, T.

Professor Emeritus

Thomas Bernard, W., BA (Mt. St. Vincent), MSW (Dalhousie), PhD (Sheffield, England)
Wien, F. C., BA (Queen’s), MA, PhD (Cornell)


Brown, C., BA, MA (Manitoba), MSW (Carleton), PhD (Toronto)
Karabanow, J., BA, MA (McGill), PhD (Wilfrid Laurier)
MacDonald, J., BSW (St. Thomas(, MSW (Carleton), PhD (Memorial)
Ungar, M., BA, BSW, MSW (McGill), PhD (Wilfrid Laurier)
Weinberg, M., BA (Toronto), MSW (Smith College), PhD (Toronto)

Associate Professors

Brown, M., BA, BSW, MSW (Dalhousie), PhD (Memorial
Hanrahan, C., BA (McGill), MA (Toronto), MSW (York), PhD (Toronto)
Lewis, T., BA (Catholic University of Amaerica, USA), MSW (University of Kentucky, USA), PhD (Boston University, USA)

Assistant Professors

Baikie, G., BSW, MSW, PhD candidate (Memorial)
Bejan, R., BA (Lucian Blaga U, Romania), S.S.W. Dip (George Brown College), MSW (Toronto), PhD (Toronto)
Bryan, C., BA (Univ of Winnipeg) BSW, MSW (McGill), PhD (Dalhousie)
Johnstone, M., EEd (Ottawa), BSW (Carleton), MSW, PhD (Toronto)
Manning, E., BA (Manitoba) BSW, MSW (Victoria), PhD (York), PhD (Simon Fraser)
Mbakogu, I., BA, MA, MSW, PhD (Univ of Ibadan), PhD (McGill)
Ross, N., BA, BSW, MSW, PhD (Bradford UK)
Sutherland-Allan, M., BA (Carleton), MSW (Laurier), PhD. (Cand.)(Laurier)
Wu, H., B.Eng. (Sichuan University, China)M. Eng. (Sichuan Univeristy, China), PhD (UBC, Vancouver)


Pothier, J.

Adjunct Professors

Campbell, C.
Harbison, J.
Lienbenberg, L.

Adjunct Professors (Retired)

Thomas Bernard, W.

Agency Field Instructors

Many individuals throughout the municipality, province, and country contribute to the education of Social Work students through offering and supervising student placements. They represent a wide range of agencies and organizations including:  community based, non-profit, government, physical/mental health and addiction prevention and treatment services. Their invaluable assistance is gratefully acknowledged and appreciated.