Information on academic preparation, admission and application procedures is contained in the Admission Requirements section of the calendar. Enrolment is limited to a specified number of places that are offered once a year to the best qualified candidates, selected by the School's Admissions Committee. Equal consideration is given to part-time and full-time applications.

Prior Criminal Conviction

BSW applicants should be aware that a prior criminal conviction may render them unable to obtain a license in their field of study upon graduation, or unable to participate in some clinical field work experiences throughout their course of study.


Affirmative Action

The School of Social Work has an affirmative action policy for applicants who are Acadian, Aboriginal, African Canadian, members of other racially visible groups, and persons with (dis)Abilities and for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Two-Spirit, Queer and Intersex (LGBTTQI) people. The school is committed to admitting and graduating the highest possible number of students who qualify under this policy. Members of these groups who have five (30 credit hours) general (non social work) university credits that average B- are encouraged to apply under this policy. Applicants make their request in a place provided on the Social Work Statement cover sheet, which is part of the BSW application package. Each candidate is considered individually on the basis of her/his qualifications, rather than in relation to other applicants. The admissions prerequisites and selection criteria are otherwise the same for all candidates.