Certificates in Science

Certificates are one way that the Faculty of Science recognizes graduating students who have achieved a level of proficiency or specialization in a particular area or subject. Certificates are awarded upon graduation from a degree program and will be recorded on the student’s academic transcript.

Certificates vary in their goals and requirements. Many have a research or practicum component. Some are interdisciplinary, requiring work in more than one department, while others focus on a specialization within a single program. Some Certificates are designed for students enrolled in particular programs, while others are broadly applicable to students in any science program.

In Certificate programs, students enrol by applying to the Certificate Coordinator. Interested students are advised to enrol early in their programs of study, but enrolment is usually also permitted in the final year of study, provided requirements have been met. To be awarded a Certificate, students must notify the Coordinator of their intention to graduate, and provide evidence of completion of all Certificate requirements, prior to the end of the examination period of their final year. Some Certificate programs may require earlier notification; please check with your Coordinator.

Faculty of Science students may also work toward obtaining Certificates offered by other Faculties; some of these are listed in the College of Arts and Science Degree Requirements section of the calendar.

The following Certificates are offered by the Faculty of Science. Students enrolled in one of the programs listed beside the Certificate are most likely to be able to meet the Certificate requirements within their programs. Specific Certificate requirements are described below.