First Year Interest Groups (FIGs)

a start for university success

What is a FIG and why sign up?

A First Year Interest Group, or FIG, is a group of students who meet weekly for an hour during the fall term of their first year at Dal. Groups are composed of about 15 students who have similar academic interests or goals, and who are enrolled in one or more of the same first year courses. 

FIGs are designed to complement the classroom experience. It’s a place to meet other first year students, and to discuss some of the big ideas emerging in your future field of study. Signing up for a FIG can help you get involved, meet people, and maybe even form lasting friendships. FIGs are free, informal, interactive groups that will help you make the most out of your first year at Dal. 

What will you do in a FIG?

  • Get to know other first year students with similar interests (maybe you’ll find a study partner)
  • Meet Dal faculty or professionals who work in your area of interest
  • Find out how to get involved (volunteer opportunities, events, clubs)
  • Learn about future opportunities for students with your interests (scholarships, summer research, co-op, study abroad)
  • Talk!

Who should enrol in a FIG?

Any student in the Faculty of Science who has been accepted as an undeclared Science student and is in their first year of studies can enrol in a FIG.

How do I enrol in a FIG?

You enroll in a FIG when you registered for your regular courses, using the same registration procedure. First, make sure that the time slot of the FIG doesn’t conflict with the lecture, lab or tutorial times of your other courses. Then register for the appropriate FIG section (FIGS 0001, 0002, etc.).  

Does a FIG count toward my degree?

The FIG will appear on your academic transcript – it can be seen by future employers along with the credit courses you complete.  However, because it is not for credit, a FIG does not count as part of the 90 or 120 credit hours you must complete for a BSc degree.

Will I receive a grade for my FIG?

If you complete the FIG, it will appear on your academic transcript with Pass noted beside it. Letter grades are not given for FIGs, and FIGs are not included in calculation of your GPA. However, to receive a Pass you must participate in the FIG sessions.

What if I don’t like my FIG?

We expect that most students will enjoy their FIG, and will feel that the time has been well spent. However, if for some reason you find that you do not want to participate in your FIG, you may withdraw. The FIG will then not appear on your transcript.

Can I sign up for more than one FIG?

No. We want to offer the opportunity to participate in a FiG to as many students as possible, and so students may not register in more than one FIG. 

FIG options for science students