Certificate in Fundamentals of Interdisciplinary Management


Eligibility:  The certificate is open to any Dalhousie undergraduate student.  Non-degree Dalhousie students may qualify for the certificate if they fulfull all course requirements at Dalhousie.

Overview:  The Fundamentals of Interdisciplinary Management Certificate aims to help students gain an interdisciplinary view of management.  Students completing the certificate will be introduced to the definition of management and how people and process vary across the disciplines. Students will examine the interactions among the environment, technology, society, organizations and people, in a world with limited resources.  Students will be exposed to key knowledge, behaviors, skills, competencies and attitudes considered critical to managerial success, and learn how to apply these to ensure they understand effective management practice.  

Admission to Certificate

To enrol in the Certificate, students must declare the Certificate through Dal Online (https://dalonline.dal.ca>Web for Students>Student Records>Declare Major/Minor/Certificate).

Certificate requirements

9 credit hours:

MGMT 1301 Interdisciplinary Management I
MGMT 1302 Interdisciplinary Management II
MGMT 3309 Management Skills Development*
*Note that MGMT 3309 requires that students have completed COMM 2303.03 (Organizational Behavior) or both MGMT 2303.03 and MGMT 2304.03 (respectively, Micro and Macro Organizational Behavior).
All required courses for the Certificate must be completed at Dalhousie.  Students must obtain a minimum grade of (B-) for all courses counted toward the Certificate.
To graduate with the Certificate, students must apply to graduate with a Certificate per the timelines determined by the Registrar's Office.