Certificate in Computing in Arts & Social Sciences

This certificate is open to currently registered Dalhousie undergraduate students in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences; it will not be open for direct application.

Designed for students in the arts, social sciences, and humanities, this certificate program is intended to develop participants' digital literacy. Students will develop and apply technical computing skills and also explore key social and intellectual issues in an increasing digital world.  This program will give students important skills for future employment and will impart the tools they will need to understand and navigate a rapidly changing society.

This certificate can be completed by students in any BA program, in addition to the students' regular program requirements, and will appear on the students' transcripts.  Note, too, that courses completed for this certificate can also count toward regular degree requirements for a student's major or minor, depending on the subject.

Students can enrol in the certificate by logging in to Dal Online: under "Web for Students", click on 'Admissions' then 'Declare a Major or Minor', and at the bottom of that screen, click on the appropriate link in the drop-down list of certificate options.



12 credit hours:

  • Students will complete the following 9 credit hours:
    • CSCI 1105: Introduction to programming
    • CSCI 1170: Introduction to Website development
    • CSCI: 2203: Data Science for Everyone
  • plus 3 credit hours from the following list of applied skills courses:
    • CSCI 1107.03: Social Computing
    • CSCI 1109.03: Practical Data Science
    • PHIL 2490: Social, Ethical and Professional Issues in Computer Science
    • CSCI 2201.03: Introduction to Information Security
    • CSCI 2670.03: Introduction to Server-Scripting
    • ENGL 3310.03: Writing in a Digital Age
    • MGMT 2601.03: Knowledge Management
    • MGMT 3601.03: Information in a Networked World
    • MGMT 3603.03: Beyond Google
    • MGMT 4540.03: Data Management
    • MGMT 4620.03: Web Design and Architecture

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will become familiar with simple programming concepts and apply them.
  • Students will become familiar with and use typical software applications such as word processors, spreadsheets, and database applications.
  • Students will become familiar with and practice web page creation.
  • Students will critically appraise scholarly literature on ethical and intellectual issues with computing as it exists today.

Questions? Contact the Associate Dean Academic of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at fassadac@dal.ca or at 902.494.1254.