Certificate in Perinatal and Paediatric Nursing

All undergraduate nursing students must complete 6 credit hours of nursing electives (taken in Semester 6 & 7).

Certificates are an option for undergraduate nursing students wanting to explore specialty areas of nursing and be recognised for their efforts upon graduation.  Students do not require a nursing certificate to graduate.  NURS 4715.06 is a co-requisite with these electives to obtain a certificate.

Required courses:

NURS 4410.03 – Perinatal Nursing Across the Childbearing Continuum

Students build upon core curriculum knowledge of the perinatal experience.  The nature of the childbearing experience is critically analyzed from multiple perspectives, while evidence-informed nursing care for childbearing families with health complexities is appraised.  Theory underlining processes of maternal transformation, person-centered care, relational practice and parent-infant attachment overlay these analyses. 


NURS 4420.03 – Paediatric Nursing

Recognizing the unique health needs of children, this course focuses on the synthesis of knowledge and the partnership between the nurse, child, family and interprofessional team. Students will integrate developmentally supportive, family-centred care and application of nursing management with the paediatric population experiencing serious episodic and persistent illness and hospitalization.


NURS 4715.06 – Exploratory Nursing Practice

Students engage in a broad range of clinical, research or theoretical activities, under the direction of faculty or clinical preceptor/facilitator to complete a project relevant to nursing practice.  These learning experiences will assist the student to understand the complexity of the integrated nursing role across a range of settings.