Certificate in Leadership

Please be advised that the Certificate in Leadership will be replacing the Certificate in Leading People and Organizations.

Eligibility:  The Certificate is open to any Dalhousie undergraduate student.  Non-degree Dalhousie students may qualify for the Certificate if they fulfill all course requirements at Dalhousie.

Overview: The Certificate in Leadership develops students' knowledge of leadership theories, addresses how the student can incorporate these theories into practice, and positions students to take the appropriate and useful organizational action.  Skills learned are applicable to public, private, and not-for-profit organizations.

A focus on understanding the human resource management function within the organization will complement students' knowledge of selecting, training, and equipping personnel, while ensuring positive labour relations and maintaining health and safety.  Students will have the ability to articulate their own personal strengths and weaknesses to improve interpersonal relationships.   

Admission to Certificate

To enrol in the Certificate, students must declare the Certificate through Dal Online (https://dalonline.dal.ca>Web for Students>Student Records>Declare Major/Minor/Certificate).

Certificate requirements

Bachelor of Management

12 credit hours

MGMT 2303.03 People, Work, and Organizations:  Micro Behaviour*
MGMT 2304.03 People, Work, and Organizations:  Macro Behaviour
MGMT 3309.03 Management Skills Development
COMM 3310.03 Reflections in Leadership

*Students will be required to complete both MGMT 1301.03 and MGMT 1302.03 before registering for this course.

Bachelor of Commerce

9 credit hours

COMM 2303.03 Introduction to Organizational Behaviour*
COMM 3309.03 Management Skills Development
COMM 3310.03 Reflections in Leadership

*Students will be required to complete COMM 1010.03 before registering for this course.
All required courses for the Certificate must be completed at Dalhousie.  Students must obtain a minimum grade of (B-) for all courses counted toward the Certificate.
To graduate with the Certificate, students must apply to graduate with a Certificate per the timelines determined by the Registrar's Office.