Certificate in Sustainable Soil Management

Offered by: Department of Plant, Food, and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture

This certificate is open to all students eligible for admission to the BSc. (Agr) program.

Knowledge of soil management is important in supporting learning outcomes in various Dalhousie programs, from understanding the fundamental properties and characteristics of soil systems to understanding how soil management impacts food and energy production, water quality, waste management, climate change and biodiversity. The certificate will support these learning outcomes, enhance students’ ability to formulate well-rounded solutions, and provide students with documentation of these acquired skills. SDGs

To graduate with a Certificate, students must apply to graduate with the Certificate at the time they apply to graduate from their degree program.

Certificate Requirements:

A total of 12 credit hours in Soil Science related courses are required.

Required Courses

SOIL 2000.03: Introduction to Soil Science (A)
SOIL 3000.03: Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management (A)

Optional Courses

6 Credit hours from the list below:

AGRN 2000.03: Organic Field Crop Management (A)
HORT 3000.03: Environmental Processes and Landscape Functions
ENVA 3000.03: Environmental Impact Assessment
ENVA 3003.03: Environmental Studies Field Course
ENVA 3005.03: Geographic Information Systems (A)
ENVA 3021.03: Ecohydrology (A)
SOIL 4001.03: Directed Studies in Soil Science (A)
MCRA 4002.03: Microbiomes in Agriculture
AGRI 5250.03: Soil Microbiology
AGRI 5450.03: Environmental Soil Chemistry

To inquire further about the requirements for the Certificate in Sustainable Soil Management, please contact Program Coordinator, David Burton (dburton@dal.ca).