XIII. Departmental and Program Listings

The following entries are designed to provide general information about particular graduate programs. Although general Faculty of Graduate Studies requirements apply to all graduate programs, the methods of fulfilling these requirements vary considerably among academic units.

Each academic unit entry includes the following information:

  1. A list of faculty members engaged in the teaching of graduate courses and/or the direction of graduate research. Faculty members whose major appointments are in other academic units are so indicated. In addition, the names of other researchers in the academic unit and adjunct appointees may be listed. Beside each name there may be a list of keywords indicating the major areas of research expertise and interest of the faculty member.
  2. A description of facilities available may be included. Some general regulations may be described.
  3. A list of admission requirements in addition to those of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. In some cases the minimum requirements outlined in Section 3 are not sufficient for entry into a particular program. Other particular requirements may be listed.
  4. A description of degree program requirements includes:

a)     Program fee duration (if applicable), and typical time required to complete the program
b)     Coursework required, including credit hours
c)     Other academic requirements (e.g., comprehensive exam)
d)     Thesis requirement
e)     Other requirements (e.g., internship)

  1. A representative list of course offerings and brief course descriptions. Not all of the courses will necessarily be offered in a given year.
  2. A list of areas of specialization.