Department Head

Simpson, C., BA&Sc, MA (McMaster), PhD (Dalhousie)


Fernandez, C., Hon BSc (UWO), MD (McMaster), FRCPC. Professor and Head of pediatric hematology/oncology, Department of Pediatrics at the IWK Health Centre and Dalhousie University with a cross-appointment in the Department of Bioethics. Interests: pediatric research ethics including return of research results to research participants, Wilms tumor, and principal investigator Children’s Oncology Groups.
Kirby, J., MA, MD (Dalhousie). Interests: ethics analysis of complex healthcare practices, ethics dimensions of medical assistance in dying, social justice and accountability in healthcare policy and practice, critical care ethics, use of deliberative engagement methodologies to enhance collaborative decision-making, organ donation and transplantation ethics, social accountability in medical education.

Associate Professors

Capps, B., BSc (Cardiff Univ, UK), MA (Univ Sheffield, UK), PhD (Univ Bristol, UK). Interests: The ethics of One Health, public health and infectious diseases; stem cell science and ethics, neuroethics; and jurisprudential and political theory.
Reid, L., BA (Winnipeg), AM, PhD (Illinois). Interests: normative questions in universal health coverage; preferential access (ethical wait list management, ethical advocacy, "queue-jumping", professional courtesy); business ethics for physician practice groups; moral development and professional identity formation in medical education; philosophical issue in definition of health and disease, including definition and determination of death.
Simpson, C., BA&Sc, MA (McMaster), PhD (Dalhousie). Interests: the role of hope in health care, ethics education and capacity building, rural health care ethics and organizational ethics.