Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Degree Program

Students without MSc degrees have the same course requirement as MSc students. Students with MSc degrees must take at least six credit hours at the graduate level including BIOL 5702.015 and BIOL 5704.015: Communication Skills (unless taken previously). Additional courses may be taken. Students are required to demonstrate in an undergraduate biology course for one year, and must take an admission to candidacy exam in their first nine months.

A preliminary examination including a review paper and thesis progress report is required for all PhD students. Students must pass the preliminary examination at least one year before submitting a PhD thesis.

A thesis reporting original research must be defended orally. Students are expected to participate in weekly departmental seminars.

Ancillary and Audit Courses

At the discretion of the Supervisory Committee, Supervisor or ATC examiners, a student may be directed to take for credit courses needed to make up deficiencies or acquire skills considered beneficial but of subsidiary importance. If these are undergraduate level courses they are designated as ancillary, to be passed with a minimum grade of D. They must be reported to the Graduate Coordinator or Stream Chair at the interview in September. They may not be used for graduate credit.

Students may also elect or be required to audit courses relevant to their program. No credits are received for these. A maximum of one audit course is allowed for each year of the specified program (e.g. One for a 1-year MSc, two for a 2-year MSc, etc.). Continuing Students may not audit. However, additional courses may always be audited if paid for with extra fees.

Course Selection

Courses with the extension .03 are three credit hours. All others (sometimes shown with the extension .06) are six credit hours.

Some courses are offered only in alternate years. Others are suspended due to sabbatical leaves but will resume when the staff return. All course offerings are included in this listing so that students may plan their entire course of study in their first year. Such planning is necessary because the Faculty of Graduate Studies requires that a complete program be prepared for each student by October 15th in their first year.