Below you will find descriptions for courses offered in this field of study.  You will find a general overview of the topics covered and any prerequisite course(s) or grade requirements, credit value and exclusions.

Some courses are listed as exclusionary to one another.  This means that students may not take both courses as designated.

Not all courses are offered each year.  Please consult the current timetable for this year’s offering.  For further information please contact the department. 

Required Courses for MSc Students

BIOL 5700.03: Communication Skills
BIOL 5705.03/BIOL 5706.03: Graduate Module Classes

Special Topics Courses

BIOL 5800-BIOL 5899: Special Topics and Projects in Biology
A suitable combination of directed reading, seminars, written assignments, individual study and discussion or laboratory projects in a prescribed area. Courses are organized and scheduled by appropriate faculty, Adjunct Professors or honourary Research Associates when requested by interested students. Students should approach potential instructors directly with their requests. Each separate topic must be approved by the Graduate Coordinator and approval is not normally given for students taking a course from their research supervisor. A course description is required before approval can be given. Courses may be worth three or six credit hours, depending upon duration and content.

BIOL 5801.03: Special Topic in Agricultural Biology
BIOL 5802.03: Special Topic in Animal Behaviour
BIOL 5803.03: Special Topic in Animal Physiology
BIOL 5804.03: Special Topic in Animal Science
BIOL 5805.03: Special Topic in Aquaculture
BIOL 5806.03: Special Topic in Biochemistry
BIOL 5807.03: Special Topic in Biological Education
BIOL 5808.03: Special Topic in Biomathematics
BIOL 5809.03: Special Topic in Biostatistics
BIOL 5810.03: Special Topic in Cell Biology
BIOL 5811.03: Special Topics in Development Biology
BIOL 5812.03: Special Topic in Ecology
BIOL 5813.03: Special Topic in Environmental Biology
BIOL 5814.03: Special Topic in Evolutionary Biology
BIOL 5815.03: Special Topic in Fish Biology
BIOL 5816.03: Special Topic in Functional Morphology
BIOL 5817.03: Special Topic in Genetics
BIOL 5818.03: Special Topic in History of Biology
BIOL 5819.03: Special Topic in Industrial Microbiology
BIOL 5820.03: Special Topic in Limnology
BIOL 5821.03: Special Topic in Marine Biology
BIOL 5822.03: Special Topic in Marine Ecology
BIOL 5823.03: Special Topic in Marine Microbiology
BIOL 5824.03: Special Topic in Microbiology
BIOL 5825.03/BIOL 5925.06: Special Topic in Molecular Biology
BIOL 5826.03: Special Topic in Philosophy of Biology
BIOL 5827.03: Special Topic in Phycology
BIOL 5828.03: Special Topic in Plant Biology
BIOL 5829.03: Special Topic in Plant Ecology
BIOL 5830.03: Special Topic in Plant Physiology
BIOL 5831.03: Special Topic in Plant Science
BIOL 5832.03: Special Topic in Population Biology
BIOL 5833.03: Special Topic in Zoology
BIOL 9000.00: MSc Thesis
BIOL 9530.00: PhD Thesis

Course Descriptions