Combined CRMBA and Juris Doctor (JD) Program

Students who complete the combined CRMBA and Juris Doctor (JD) program, must be admitted to each program independently. Each student is required to complete 13 core courses (39 credit hours), four elective courses (12 credit hours), and required non-credit courses of the CRMBA, thereby completing a total of 51 credit hours of the CRMBA program. For more information regarding the JD requirements for students enrolled in the combined degree, please consult the Law Calendar. The suggested sequence is as follows:

Summer - Year 1

BUSI 5703.03: Business Economics
BUSI 5103.03: Business Accounting
BUSI 5503.03: Quantitative Decision Making
BUSI 6900.03: Corporate Responsibility, Ethics and Society
BUSI 5000.00: Introduction to Personal and Professional Effectiveness (PPE) (non credit)

Fall - Year 1

BUSI 5201.03: Financial Management
BUSI 5401.03: Marketing Management
BUSI 5512.03: Leveraging Technology
BUSI 5551.03: Operations Management
BUSI 5801.03: International Business
BUSI 5003.00: Personal and Professional Effectiveness I (non credit)

Winter/Spring/Summer - Year 1

BUSI 5305.03: Managing People (online) 
BUSI 7000.00: Corporate Residency (January - August)

Year 2

In year 2 students are full time JD students (see program requirements in the Law Calendar). There are no MBA requirements during this period.

First Year JD Courses

LAWS 1000X/Y.06: Contracts and Judicial Rule-Making
LAWS 1001X/Y.06: Criminal Justice
LAWS 1002.01: Orientation to Law
LAWS 1003X/Y.05: Fundamentals of Public Law
LAWS 1004X/Y.03: Legal Research and Writing
LAWS 1005X/Y.06: Property in Historical Context
LAWS 1006X/Y.06: Tort Law and Damage Compensation
LAWS 1008.01: Introduction to Legal Ethics
LAWS 1009X/Y.02 : Aboriginal and Indigneous Law in Context

Year 3

BUSI 6000.03: Strategy and Competitiveness (fall)
BUSI 6005.03: Strategy Implementation (winter)
One graduate level elective (three credit hours) (winter)
JD Requirements include:
LAWS 2061X/Y.05: Civil Procedure
LAWS 2062X/Y.05: Constitutional Law
LAWS 2201X/Y.01: Compulsory Moot
A major paper course
7-9 hours of law courses from the “Business Law” area (detailed in the Law Calendar)
Other elective courses for a total of 23-25 law credits

Year 4

MGMT 5000.03: Management Without Borders (fall)
Three graduate level electives (total of 9 credit hours) (one fall; two winter)
JD Requirements include:
LAWS 2099.02: The Legal Profession and Professional Responsibility
A major paper course
Three to five hours of law courses from the “Business Law” area
Other elective law courses for a total of 23-25 law credits