CRMBA/Master of Engineering (MEng)

This is a two year program that enables students to select courses which will allow them to graduate with a Master of Engineering and Master of Business Administration. This combination provides graduates with a diverse skill set in two high demand disciplines. Candidates for the CRMBA/MEng program must satisfy the entrance requirements for both the Faculty of Engineering and the Rowe School of Business. Students may obtain further information about the combined program by contacting the Faculty of Engineering or the Admissions Officer of the CRMBA program.

Students enrolled in the combined program are required to complete the following courses in the CRMBA program: 13 core courses (39 credit hours), three elective courses (nine credit hours), and three required non-credit courses, thereby completing a total of 48 credit hours of the CRMBA program. For detailed information on the MEng program requirements; please consult the appropriate section of the Graduate Calendar. The suggested sequence is as follows:

Summer - Year 1

BUSI 5103.03: Business Accounting
BUSI 5503.03: Quantitative Decision Making
BUSI 5703.03: Business Economics
BUSI 6900.03: Corporate Responsibility, Ethics and Society
BUSI 5000.00: Introduction to Personal and Professional Effectiveness (PPE) (non credit)

Fall - Year 1

BUSI 5201.03: Financial Management
BUSI 5401.03: Marketing Management
BUSI 5512.03: Leveraging Technology
BUSI 5551.03: Operations Management
BUSI 5801.03: International Business
BUSI 5003.00: Personal and Professional Effectiveness I (non credit)

Winter/Spring/Summer - Year 1

BUSI 5305.03: Managing People (online) 
BUSI 7000.00: Corporate Residency (January - August)

Fall - Year 2

BUSI 6000.03: Strategy and Competitiveness
MGMT 5000.03: Management Without Borders
One CRMBA elective (three credit hours)
Engineering courses: two graduate courses plus seminar

Winter - Year 2

BUSI 6005.03: Strategy Implementation
Two CRMBA electives (graduate level; three credit hours each)
Engineering courses: three graduate courses plus seminar

Summer - Year 2

Engineering requirement: Graduate Project
During this semester it may be possible to complete one of the above mentioned electives