Newhook, J., BEng, MASc (TUNS), PhD (Dalhousie), PEng

Department Head

Liu, Y., BScE, MScE (Xi’an), PhD (UNB), PEng

Graduate Studies Coordinator

Kurylyk, B., BSc, PhD (UNB), PEng


Ali, N. A., BSc (Baghdad), MSc, PhD (N Carolina State), PEng, UG Civil Program Coordinator. Flexible pavement, highways, pavement design and performance, transportation
El Naggar, H., MESc, PhD (UWO), PEng. Associate Dean Student/Supervisor Relationships. Civil construction, geotechnical and structural engineering, design of foundations, soil-structure interaction of buried infrastructure
Gagnon, G., BScE (Guelph), PhD (Waterloo), PEng, Associate Vice-President Research, Director, Centre for Water Resources Studies, cross-appointment with the School for Resource and Environmental Studies. Water and wastewater treatment, water quality, environmental engineering
Garagash, D. I., BSc (Moscow), MS, PhD (Minnesota), PEng. Reservoir geomechanics and engineering, fault mechanics and earthquake source processes, analytical and numerical modeling, fracture mechanics
Jamieson, R., BEng (TUNS), MASc (Dalhousie), PhD (Guelph), PEng, UG Environmental Program Coordinator. Hydrology, ecological engineering, contaminant transport
Lake, C., BEng (TUNS), PhD (UWO), PEng. Geotechnical engineering, geoenvironmental engineering, geosynthetics performance
Liu, L., BSc (Nankai), MSc (Peking), PhD (Regina), PEng. Co-op Advisor. Geo-Environmental engineering, environmental engineering, environmental modelling and decision-making
Liu, Y., BSCE, MSCE (Xi'an), PhD (UNB), PEng, Department Head. Structural analysis and design, application to masonry structures, advanced strength of materials, application of the finite element method
Newhook, J. P., BEng, MASc, PhD (TUNS), PEng, Dean, Faculty of Engineering. Fibre reinforced polymers, concrete, bridge engineering, structural health monitoring, design, analysis
Satish, M. G., BSc, BECivEng (My), MEng, PhD (Concordia), PEng. Water resources engineering, numerical modeling of flows, system optimization, open channel flow
Walsh, M., BEng (TUNS), MEng (McGill), PhD (Dalhousie), PEng. Water and wastewater treatment
Zou, D. H., BSc (CUMT, China), PhD (UBC), PEng. Rock mechanics, non-destructive rock bolt testing, mine design, numerical modelling, tailing disposal, slope stability analysis, well bore stability, geohazards prevention

Associate Professors

Corkum, A., BEng (TUNS), MEng, PhD (Alberta), PEng, UG Mineral Resource Program Coordinator. Geotechnical engineering, rock mechanics, excavations and rock slopes, safe and economical design of tunneling and underground excavations and rock slopes
Hansen, D., BScE (Guelph), MScE (UNB), PhD (Ottawa), PEng, Hydrology, river hydraulics, flow through porous media, municipal water systems
Sadeghian, P., BSc, MSc (Sharif), PhD (Amirkabir), PEng. Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites, mechanics of materials, concrete structures, and structural dynamics

Assistant Professors

Bahrani N., BSc, (Azad), MSc (Alberta), PhD (Laurentian), PEng. Mining geomechanics, underground excavation, support design, rock slope stability, numerical modeling
Kurylyk, B., BSc, PhD (UNB), PEng, Graduate Coordinator. Coastal and marine hydrogeology, groundwater-surface water exchanges, cold regions hydrology, mathematical modeling, climate change impacts
Oudah, F., BSc, (Sharjah), MSc, PhD (UC), PEng. Development of smart structural systems, reliability-based procedures for structural assessment and design optimization, behaviour and design of earthquake resistant structures
Somers, L., BSc Eng (UNB), PhD (McGill).  Hydrology, hydrogeology, mountain water supply, wetlands, greenhouse gas emissions, climate change impacts and adaptation
Stoddart, A., BEng, PhD (Dalhousie), PEng. Water Quality and Treatment
Tousignant, K., BASc, PhD (UT), PEng. Steel structures, connections, welding, components, fracture modeling

Cross-Appointed Faculty

Fenton, G.A., (From Engineering Mathematics) BEng, MEng (Carleton), MA, PhD (Princeton), PEng
Habib, M. A., (From the School of Planning) BURP, MURP, (BUET), MASc, PhD (Toronto)
Price, G.,  (From Faculty of Agriculture) BSc (UBC), MSC, PhD (Guelph)
Taheri, F., (From the Department of Mechanical Engineering) BEng, MASc, PhD (TUNS), PEng

Adjunct (FGS)

Brazner, J., BSc, PhD (Wisconsin-Madison), MSc (Syracuse)
Craig, S., BSc (Hons), PhD (Strathclyde)
Drage, J., MSc (UNB) BSc (Dalhousie)
Kennedy, G., BSc (McMaster), MSc (Waterloo)
Ketcheson, S., BSc (McMaster), MSc, PhD (Waterloo)
Kurek, J., BSc (SUNY), MSc, PhD (UNB)
Mackie, A., BSc, MASc, PhD (Dalhousie)
Perras, M., BSc, MSc, PhD (Queen's)
Rand, J., CAS (Acadia), BEng, PhD (Dalhousie)
Spooner,I., BSc, MSc (Queen's), PhD (Calgary)