Admission Requirements

Masters Degree

Applicants must satisfy the admission requirements of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. For students wishing to pursue traditional Classics degrees, the requirement of both Classical languages at the Honours level may sometimes be relaxed, for example when a student has taken a Combined Honours course involving only one Classical language. In such cases, at least two courses in the second language will be taken in addition to the MA course proper. Students focusing mainly on ancient Philosophy, Greek patristics, Byzantine philosophy and theology, Latin patristics, and Latin medieval philosophy should see the statement above. In certain programs, knowledge of other ancient languages may be required.


Please note that in addition to the materials required by the Dalhousie Faculty of Graduate Studies, the Department of Classics requests an additional letter of reference (for a total of three), a writing sample (e.g. a term paper or thesis chapter of about 20 pages), a personal statement, and a list of Greek and Latin texts which the applicant has read in the original language. In the personal statement you should present yourself as an applicant, explaining your motivation for pursuing graduate study, your educational background, and anything else which seems relevant to your application. You should explain why you think you would be a good fit for Dalhousie Classics, and mention specific faculty members with whom you are interested in working. If you have a specific idea for your MA thesis, you could describe it, but you should also explain what your research interests are more generally.


Doctor of Philosophy


The normal admission requirement is the MA in Classics or equivalent preparation.