Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Degree Program

The minimum time required to complete this program is two years from an MSc; normally three years are required (see Section 2.3.2, in the Faculty of Graduate Studies regulations), and the program is goverened by regulations and procedures of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

PhD students in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences  are required to complete two compulsory courses, ERTH 6300.03: Research Design and Scientific Presentation and ERTH6310.00: PhD Proposal Defence, and an additional 3 credit hours of graduate electives.

Students are required to pass ERTH 6310.00, which normally takes place within the first year of the program. Students who receive “fail” will be asked to withdraw from the PhD program.

Please note that ERTH 6300.03 may be replaced by another 3-credit hours of graduate electives if a student has already taken the course as a part of Department's MSc program.

PhD students are required to present a pre-defence Lecture to the Department within the third year of the program, and to attend all Earth Sciences seminars.

Research leading to the preparation and oral defence of a thesis is required.