General Information


Information pertaining to fees and expenses is given in the Fees section.

Financial Assistance

Information pertaining to financial assistance and scholarships is given in the Awards section.

Health Insurance Requirement

Information pertaining to health insurance requirements is given in the Fees section.

Application Forms

Application forms may be obtained from the Registrar’s Office, Dalhousie University, PO Box 15000, Halifax, NS B3H 4R2, or through the university’s website.

Prospective students are encouraged to contact the Graduate Admissions Officer for program specific information.

English Language Proficiency Requirement

Information pertaining to the English language proficiency requirements is given in the Faculty of Graduate Studies Regulations section.

Master's Degrees

A student's program of study for the Master's degree may be either a research intensive program (MASc) or a coursework intensive program (MEng). A Master's degree taken according to either program represents an equivalent standard of academic achievement. Note that a research Master's degree is normally required to gain admission into the PhD program.

Course Requirement

At least three-quarters (75%) of the total course requirement must be taken at the University. The graduate student's program submitted by the appropriate department and must be approved by the Engineering Graduate Studies Coordinator. Course requirements are given under the program requirements of the specific degrees.

Thesis/Project Requirement

A master’s candidate will be required to submit a thesis/project satisfactory to the Faculties of Graduate Studies and Engineering and to make an oral presentation of the work. Doctoral candidates must complete a thesis and oral defence in accordance with Faculty of Graduate Studies procedures, but are also required to meet Faculty of Engineering requirements.

Leave of Absence

Students may formally apply for a leave of absence in accordance with Faculty of Graduate Studies Regulations.

Admissions Criteria

All candidates must meet the admissions requirements of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, and any specific admissions requirements as listed under each program.

Procedures and Guidelines for Master’s Theses and Projects

  1. The Department is to ensure that supervisors are assigned to students as a prerequisite to admission. The Department must submit the name of the supervisor to the Engineering Graduate Studies Coordinator and the name will be officially recorded in the student’s permanent file. If the supervisor is not a full-time member of the Department a co-supervisor will be appointed from the Department.

  2. Granting of credits to a student’s program of studies for courses taken prior to commencement of the program requires the recommendation of the Department and approval of the Faculty of Engineering normally in advance of registration. Note that some courses from local universities have been given “blanket” approval. Students should contact their departmental Graduate Coordinator for details.

  3. The Department is to appoint a Supervisory Committee, within four months of the first registration, to be responsible for the Candidate’s program and thesis/project preparation. The membership of the Supervisory Committee is to be conveyed to Engineering Graduate Studies Coordinator for approval and recorded in the student’s permanent file. The Supervisory Committee will normally consist of the thesis/project supervisor, at least one other member of the department, and at least one other member from outside the department with special interests in the proposed area of study. The supervisor will be the chair of the Supervisory Committee.

  4. The Supervisory Committee is required to submit a title for the student’s thesis/project report, on the prescribed form, to Engineering Graduate Studies Coordinator at least four months prior to the formal submission of the thesis/project. On approval by the Engineering Graduate Studies Coordinator, the title will be recorded in the student’s permanent file.

  5. A clean copy of the thesis/project report accompanied by the form “Appointment in an Oral Examination” must be submitted to the departmental Office at least 12 working days prior to the date of the oral defence. The department will co-ordinate the scheduling of the presentation and examination. The oral presentation and examination will not be scheduled until the following requirements for the student’s program of studies have been met:
  • Course work completed;
  • Seminar requirement and the graduate seminar completed:
  • Supervisory committee approved;
  • Thesis/project title approved; and
  • Moderator appointed.
  1. The thesis/project report is to be prepared to conform with the standards of the Faculty of Graduate Studies or on the Faculty’s Website on the Internet.

  2. The Department Head or his/her appointee (someone not involved as a member of the Supervisory Committee) shall be a moderator of the oral examination.

  3. The student shall be advised by the Engineering Graduate Studies Coordinator of the approval of programs and the approval of thesis titles.

  4. The student is required to deliver seminars according to the regulations of the Faculty of Engineering. The seminar requirement involves attending, and participating in, all Graduate Seminars held at the student’s department/ program throughout the duration of the student’s residency period, as well as making at least one seminar presentation. The department/program graduate coordinator is responsible from organizing the Graduate Seminars, and for deciding whether a student has met the requirement.