Master of Science (MSc) Engineering Mathematics

Admission Requirements

For admission into the Master of Science program in Engineering Mathematics, a student must have completed with high standing, a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or an honours (i.e. four year with research project or dissertation) Bachelor’s degree with at least two full year mathematics courses at the third year level, one of them in differential equations.

Applicants who do not meet the above requirements may be admitted to a Qualifying Program in which they would take additional courses which will raise their total preparation to the level of an honours degree. These additional courses and completion of the Qualifying Program will be considered a prerequisite to admission to the Master of Science program.

Academic Regulations

Program Requirements

The program will consist of at least 12 credit hours and a thesis selected upon the advice of the thesis supervisor. Not more than six credit hours shall be at the final year undergraduate level and may be chosen from the offerings of the other Departments of the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Computer Science.

Examination Requirement

All courses required to meet the degree requirements are considered essential courses and will be so designated by the Supervisory Committee. Essential courses can include any required undergraduate or prerequisite courses. Any courses taken in excess of the requirements are subject to approval by the supervisor. These courses will appear on the student’s transcript as regular courses.

All Master’s degree candidates must pass all graduate level courses with a grade of at least B-. Any approved undergraduate course taken by a Master’s candidate must be passed with a grade of at least B-. Graduate students are allowed to repeat only one course during their program at Dalhousie. Graduate students are not eligible to write supplementary examinations. Transfer credits from other universities will be considered on a case by case basis.

As well, all Master’s degree candidates must pass an oral examination of their thesis or project after it has been submitted in satisfactory form.

In addition to meeting the grade requirements, failure to maintain an acceptable academic standing will result in a student being asked to withdraw from the program. Failure to achieve the minimum mark as noted above shall be considered grounds for dismissal.

Time Requirement

A candidate for the degree of Master of Science in Engineering Mathematics will require at least 12 months to complete the degree. A student is required to register each session to maintain eligibility to continue his/her program of studies. See Faculty of Graduate Studies Regulations for policies regarding the maximum length of time for degree completion and extensions.