Master of Engineering (MEng)

Admission Requirements

A candidate to be considered for the Master of Engineering course work program must have obtained an undergraduate degree in engineering or its equivalent with high scholastic standing from a recognized university.

If candidates intend on completing the six-credit hour project they must be accepted by a faculty member, in the Program they are seeking admission, to be considered for admission in this program by the University. Please note: a recommendation for admission is not a formal acceptance.

Academic Requirements

Program Requirements

A MEng graduate program consists of not less than 27 credit hours and the graduate seminar. Senior undergraduate courses, in the area of a student’s interest not taken by the student for previous credit, may be included in the program, subject to prior approval. Not more than 12 credit hours may be undergraduate credit hours.

A six-credit hour project course may be completed as a portion of the 27 credit hours required, if a suitable project is proposed. Projects require the appointment of a supervisor and one supervisory committee member.

Graduate Seminar

The seminar requirement involves attending, and participating in, all Graduate Seminars held in the department throughout the duration of the student’s residency period, as well as making at least one seminar presentation.

Examination Requirement

All courses required to meet the degree requirements are considered essential courses. Any courses taken in excess of the requirements are subject to approval by the graduate coordinator. These courses will appear on the student’s transcript as regular courses.

All Master’s degree candidates must pass all graduate level courses, and any approved undergraduate courses, with a grade of at least B-.  Graduate students can only repeat one course during their program in the Faculty of Engineering. Graduate students are not eligible to write supplementary examinations. Transfer credits from other universities will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

In addition to meeting the grade requirements, failure to maintain an acceptable academic standing will result in a student being asked to withdraw from the program. Failure to achieve the minimum mark as noted above shall be considered grounds for dismissal.

Time Requirement

A student is required to register each term to maintain eligibility to continue their program of studies. See Faculty of Graduate Studies Regulations for policies regarding residency requirements and the maximum length of time for degree completion and extensions.

Procedures and Guidelines for Master’s Project

If an MEng student undertakes a 6-credit hour research project, the project report is to be prepared to conform with the standards of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

To initiate the project presentation, the form “Appointment for an Oral Examination & Thesis Submission Form – Master’s Programs” must be submitted to the departmental Office at least 10 business days prior to the date of the oral presentation. The department will coordinate the scheduling of the presentation and examination. The oral presentation and examination will not be scheduled until the following requirements for the student’s program of studies have been met:

i) Course work completed.

ii) Seminar completed.

iii) Supervisory committee approved.

Final Dates for Receipt of Applications for Admission

Regular Session - September and January Start Date

September Intake

  • Graduate Studies1,2 (except as below)                       June 1
  • Non-Canadian Students (Graduate Studies)                  April 1

January Intake

  • Graduate Studies1,2 (except as below)                       October 31
  • Non-Canadian Students (Graduate Studies)                  August 31

All supporting documentation must be submitted by the appropriate deadline to

2 Consideration for scholarship support often requires applications to be completed before the indicated deadlines to allow for program review and nomination. Please review scholarship deadlines on the Faculty of Graduate Studies Funding Opportunities website, and plan to submit complete applications in advance of these deadlines.