Director of School

Adams, M.

Academic Program Coordinator

Sherren, K. (MES); Adams, M. (MREM)

Professor Emeritus

Côté, R. P., BSc (Loyola), MSc (Memorial). Industrial ecology; marine environmental protection strategies; management of chemical hazards and wastes; environmental policy

Duinker, P., BSc Agr (Guelph), MES (Dalhousie), PhD (UNB). Forest management and policy, environmental impact assessment, sustainable development, sustainability indicators, public participation and conflict resolution, forest biodiversity assessment, climate change and forests, public opinions on environment and natural resources, urban forests.


Beazley, K. F., BLA (Guelph), MA (Waterloo), PhD (Dalhousie). Biodiversity conservation; protected area system design; ecosystem and protected area management; focal species; landscape ecology and conservation biology; environmental ethics.

Sherren, K., BES (Hons) (Waterloo), PhD (ANU). Cultural landscapes, natural resources management, multifunctionality, climate change adaptation and mitigation, visual methods, conservation on private land, policy settings.

Tyedmers, P. H., BSc (Hons) (Waterloo), LLB, PhD (UBC). Food, ecological economics, biophysical accounting, sustainable development, fisheries and aquaculture, life cycle assessment, ecosystem services.

Associate Professors

Adams, M., BEng, MSc (Royal Military College), PhD (Dalhousie). Industrial ecology, community energy systems (renewable),  sustainable industrial development, business sustainability, by-product valourization, eco-industrial networks, rural economic development, community/industry inter-relationships.

Walker, T., BSc (Univ of Portsmouth), MPhil (Essex), PhD (Nottingham), PDF (Dalhousie). Management and remediation of contaminated sites, ecological impacts and mitigation of industrial pollution, ecological risk assessment and environmental effects monitoring, management of aquaculture impacts, management of Arctic and Antarctic natural resources, air pollution impacts on ecosystems.

Assistant Professors

Medeiros, A., BSc (Brock), MES, PhD (York). Freshwater systems; applying new methodologies to community-based research in the Arctic; influence of environmental change on aquatic trophic systems.

Westwood, A., BSc (Winnipeg), PhD (Dal), PDF (Mitacs, NRCan). Forest ecology and management, boreal and Maritime forests, impact assessment, terrestrial species at risk, protected areas planning, knowledge exchange across the science-policy interface, and justice, reconciliation and reparations in science and research

Zurba, M., BSc (Winnipeg), MNRM, PhD (Manitoba). Research focuses on equity, rights, participation and collaboration relating to resource and environmental governance. Her work engages with primarily Indigenous communities around these topics. She also focuses much of her work on the development of policy and frameworks for global environmental governance.

Cross-Appointed Professors

Charlebois, S., BComm (Royal Military College), MBA (Research) (UQAM), DBA (Sherbrooke), Major Appointment is Dean, Faculty of Management. Food distribution, food policy, food safety, food security, and traceability.
Gagnon, G., BScE (Guelph), PhD (Waterloo), PEng, major appointment in Civil Engineering. Water and wastewater treatment, water quality, environmental engineering
Rainham, D., BES (Waterloo), MSc (Alberta), PhD (Ottawa), [Elizabeth May Chair in Sustainability and Environmental Health] Broad research interests are directed at understanding the associations between human health and ecological integrity. Geographic information science, spatial analysis and eco-epidemiology provide some of the tools and theories to guide his research. Current research uses wearable global positioning system technology to investigate the influence of neighbourhood characteristics on human health and measures of environmental sustainability.
Rapaport, E., BSc (Wisconsin), MSc, PhD (Royal Inst. of Technology, Stcokholm). Land use change; climate change and vulnerability analysis; using historical GIS as tool to investigate patterns of urban form change; adaptation of GIS base multiple criteria for siting residential land use, community gardens and bike ways.
Sheehan, L., BSc (Alberta), MEDes, MBA, PhD (Calgary). Current research includes a stakeholder approach to strategic management and tourism destination management. Coauthor on research related to entrepreneurship and tourism, socially inclusive tourism, and risk and tourism.
Ülkü, M. A., BSc (Bilkent), MSc (Çukurova), PhD (Waterloo). Theoretical modeling of service and manufacturing systems, the development of practical logistics policies for green supply chains, and such interdisciplinary topics as behavioural issues in operations management, sustainable consumption, and the mathematical modeling of societal problems. Ali believes in the “science and teaching of better.”
Wright, T. S., BES (Waterloo), MES (Dalhousie), PhD (Alberta), major appointment in Faculty of Science Undergraduate Environmental Programs. Environmental sustainability in higher education; indicators of environmental sustainability; institutional environmental change; environmental education (particularly applying experiential and transformative learning theories).

Cross Listed Faculty

Cameron, G. A., BA (St. FX), MA (York), PhD (London), Faculty of Agriculture. Co-operatives, food sovereignty, re-localization, democratization, East Africa.
Clark, S., BA (Guelph), MSc (Saskatchewan), PhD (North Carolina State), Faculty of Agriculture. Food taxes, health economics, applied agricultural econometrics.
France, R., BSc, MSc (Manitoba), PhD (Toronto), Faculty of Agriculture, Environmental Sciences Department. Aquatic remediation, implications of shoreline development, urbanization and stream fish communities, wetland restoration.
Gass, S., BSc (McGill), MES (Dalhousie), PhD (Scottish Association for Marine Science/Open University), Teaching Fellow (Ulster), Major appointment in Environmental Science Program. Biology, ecology and conservation of cold-water corals and biodiversity conservation.
Grek Martin, J., BA, MSc (Wisconsin), MLIS (Dalhousie). Major Appointment in School of Information Management. Geospatial information, visualization and mental imagery, multimedia representation or information and cognition.
Hughes, F. L., BSc (Carleton), MSc, PhD (Newcastle upon Tyne). Major appointment in Electrical and Computing Engineering. Energy security, climate change, renewable energy.
Kevany, K., BA (Carleton), MEd, EdD (Toronto), Business and Social Sciences Department Faculty of Agriculture. Well-being, Social change, Community development, Community learning, Consciousness, Positive psychology.
Schnurr, M., BSc (Queen's), MA (SOAS, London), PhD (UBC), International Development Studies. Environment and development, political ecology, agricultural biotechnology, environmental justice.
Swan, L., BSc (Cal Poly), MASc, PhD (Dalhousie), Major appointment in Mechanical Engineering. Energy storage, renewable energy, electric vehicles, energy demand analysis.

Adjunct (FGS)

Beresford, R., BSc (CBU), MSc, PhD Candidate (Dalhousie). Assistant Professor, Department of Indigenous Studies & Biology, Cape Breton University
Bouman, T., PhD (Gottingen), Associate Professor, Department of Biology, Cape Breton University
Bullock, R., BA (Laurentian), MES (Wilfred Laurier), PhD (Waterloo). Associate Professor, CRC Tier II and Director for Forest Interdisciplinary Research
Cameron, R., BSc (UNB), MSc (Acadia). Protected Areas Branch, Nova Scotia Environment and labor
Charles, A. T., BSc (Carleton), PhD (UBC), School of Environment, Saint Mary’s University
Cohen, A., BA (McGill), MA (UBC), PhD (UBC), Assistant Professor, Department of Earth and Environmental Science, Acadia University
Doucette, L., BSc (Guelph), MSc (U Iceland), PhD (U of New England, Australia). Resource Scientist, Wildlife Division, Nova Scotia Department of Lands and Forestry
Gaudet, Ceo, BA, MEcon (Concordia); PhD (all but dissertation-Carleton/Ottawa); Civil Servant, retired.
Groszko, W., BSc (Calgary), PhD (Dalhousie). Renewable Energy Coordinator, Ecology Action Centre
Hanson, A., BSc (Mt. A), MSc, PhD (Western Ontario), Habitat Ecologist, Canadian Wildlife Service, Environment Canada
Harper, K., BA (Middlebury College), MSc, PhD (Alberta), Environmental Programs, Faculty of Science, Dalhousie University
Kernaghan, G., BSc, MSc (UBC), PhD (Alberta), Associate Professor, Department of Biology, Mount Saint Vincent University
Lundholm, J., BSc (Queens), MES (York), PhD (Guelph). Professor, Department of Biology, Saint Mary’s University
Mason, B., BSc (Edinburgh), MSc (Alberta), PhD (Alberta). CEO, Verschuren Centre for Sustainability in Energy and the Environment.
Oakes, K., BSc, PhD (Guelph), Industrial Research Chair in Environmental Remediation, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, Cape Breton University
Owen, R., BSc, MES (Dalhousie).Executive Director, Office of Sustainability, Dalhousie University
Somogyi, S., Bach. Wine Marketing/PhD(Adelaide). Associate Professor, School of Hospitality, Food & Tourism Management, University of Guelph
Steenberg, J., BSc, MES (Dalhousie), PhD (Ryerson). Climate Change and Forest Carbon Resource Analyst, Nova Scotia Department of Lands and Forestry
Turner, B.L.,  BA (UTexas Austin), MA (UTexas Austin), PhD (UWisconsin Madison). Regent's Professor, Arizona State University
vom Hagen, U., BA (UKonstanz), MA (UKonstanz), PhD (Humboldt Univ). Senior Corporate Strategist, Nova Scotia Department of Lands and Forestry
Whalen, R., BA (SMU), M.A. (Chengchi Univ), J.D. (Northwestern), PhD (Northwestern). Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore
White, K., BA (UNB), BSc (UWO), MSc (UWO). Ecologist/Senior Laboratory Instructor, Department of Biology, Cape Breton University
Willis, R., BSc (Guelph),MES (Dal). Sr. Toxicologist and Risk Assessor, Dillon Consulting
Wilson, J., BES (Waterloo), MA, IDPhD (Dalhousie), Consultant (self-employed).
Zhang, X., B.Ag. (Sichuan Agricultural Univ), MSc (Sichuan), PhD (Waterloo). Research Chair in Applied Nanotechnology, Verschuren Centre for Sustainability in Energy and the Environment, Cape Breton University