Master of Environmental Studies (MES)

The program is designed to train and mentor students in the process of independent research on natural resource and environmental issues, within a collegial, interdisciplinary community of scholars. Graduating students will be able to:

  • Understand the traditions in knowledge creation, and locate their own methodologies within that broader context;
  • Identify knowledge gaps in a chosen area of specialization via literature review and synthesis;
  • Design and defend a viable and rigorous research project to fill research gaps and objectives, adapting methods as appropriate;
  • Demonstrate broadened perspectives on natural resource and environmental issues;
  • Act to research ethically;
  • Exhibit critical thinking but also the principles of collegiality and mutual respect during academic critique;
  • Manage the research process to implement research design in collaboration with a supervisory committee to a mutually acceptable deadline;
  • Analyze collected data, evaluate results and interpret its implications in the context of a chosen area of specialization; and,
  • Create new knowledge in a chosen area of specialization.

For most students, the minimum program will occupy two calendar years (24 months). The minimum requirement is 15 credit hours and a thesis.

The 15 credit hours are made up as follows:

Course Requirements:

  • ENVI 5035.03: Research Design and Methods - taken in the first year of study
  • ENVI 5059.03: SRES Research Seminar - MES students enrol in each term of their program until they complete the program requirements, typically winter of year 2. 
  • ENVI 9000.00: Thesis (enrol in all terms)
  • 9 credit hours of electives at the graduate level. Students must select electives in consulation with faculty supervisors. A maximum of two electives can be Special Topics and/or Directed Study courses such as ENVI 5048 -ENVI 5052.

Coursework beyond the load described may be suggested in consultation with faculty supervisor. This is tuition-neutral as MES students pay program fees rather than per-course fees. 

Note: MES students may not carry an F (grades below a B-) in required or elective courses, a failed course will result in automatic dismissal. Students can apply for readmission.