Master of Science (MSc) in Kinesiology

Program Requirements

One full academic year (12 months) of resident study at Dalhousie University is a minimum requirement for the one-year master's degree. Although the MSc degree program officially has a one-year residency requirement, students should expect to take from 18-24 months of full-time work to complete the degree. For full-time students, the degree must be completed within four years of first registration.

You may also choose to complete the degree through part-time study. However, financial assistance is not available for part-time students.

Students in the MSc Kinesiology program must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours of coursework, a mandatory graduate seminar series worth 3 credit hours, and 12 credit hours of thesis work, for a total of 27 credit hours.

Required courses

Two courses from:

KINE 5501.03 (or equivalent): Advanced Research Methods in  Social or Natural Sciences
KINE 5503.03 (or equivalent): Intermediate Statistics for Health Sciences
KINE 5590.03 (or equivalent): Measurement and Instrumentation

All of:

KINE 6000.03: Graduate Seminar in Kinesiology (three credit hours)
KINE 9000.00: Thesis (considered equivalent to 12 credit hours)
One, three credit-hour graduate course must be selected from the Kinesiology offerings.

Elective courses

The remaining elective course or courses can be chosen from the graduate offerings within or outside of the School of Health and Human Performance. Elective courses must be relevant to the student's degree program and are to be determined in consultation with the Supervisor.

Ancillary courses

Students may also take a maximum of six credit hours of ancillary courses beyond the required program of study. Ancillary courses are undergraduate courses recommended by a department as advisable additional background to the degree program, but not specifically required for that program. Such courses must normally be taken in a department other than the one in which the student is registered. (See section 6.6.3 of the Faculty of Graduate Studies Graduate Calendar for additional information about ancillary courses.)

PLEASE NOTE: Not all courses listed below are offered every year. Please consult the timetable for a current list of courses offered.