Below you will find descriptions for courses offered in this field of study.  You will find a general overview of the topics covered and any prerequisite course(s) or grade requirements, credit value and exclusions.

Some courses are listed as exclusionary to one another.  This means that students may not take both courses as designated.

Not all courses are offered each year.  Please consult the current timetable for this year’s offering.  For further information please contact the department. 

Common Courses

While students pursue a course of study that leads to specialization in either speech-language pathology or audiology, they will be required to take courses that contain information that is basic to both professions. These courses will be described in the course listings that follow.

CMSD 5020.03: Phonetics
CMSD 5050.03: Fundamentals of Speech Science
CMSD 5120.03: Hearing Measurement
CMSD 5130.03: Introduction to Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology
CMSD 5140.03: Aural (Re)Habilitation with Children
CMSD 5150.03: Speech-Language Acquisition
CMSD 5260.03: Hearing Disorders
CMSD 5290.03: Introduction to Neurosciences for Communication Disorders
CMSD 6310.03: Audition I
CMSD 6980.03: Research Design
CMSD 7001.03/7002.03: Project
CMSD 7061.03: Practicum Internship
CMSD 7062.03: Practicum Externship
CMSD 9000.00: Thesis

Speech Language Pathology Courses (in addition to Common Courses)

CMSD 5070F/W: Clinical Methods - Speech-Language Pathology
CMSD 5250.03: Speech Disorders - Children
CMSD 5270.03: Language Disorders in Preschool Children
CMSD 6350.03: Assessment of Neurogenic Language and Cognitive Disorders - Adult
CMSD 6370.03: Fluency Disorders
CMSD 6390.03: Voice/Resonance Disorders
CMSD 6450.03: Speech Disorders - Adults
CMSD 6460.03: Treatment of Neurogenic Language and Cognitive Disorders - Adult
CMSD 6470.03: Language Disorders in School Age Children
CMSD 6490.03: Advanced Language Disorders in Children
CMSD 6550.03: Seminar in Adult Communication Disorders
CMSD 6611.03: Augmentative and Alternative Communication
CMSD 6612.03: Dysphagia

Audiology Courses (in addition to Common Courses)

CMSD 5071F/W: Clinical Methods - Audiology
CMSD 5220.03: Diagnostic Audiology
CMSD 5280.03: Audition II
CMSD 6070.03: Topics in Audiology Procedures
CMSD 6320.03: Pediatric Audiology
CMSD 6360.03: Amplification
CMSD 6380.03: Electrophysiological Audiometric Measures
CMSD 6420.03: Advanced Diagnostic Audiology
CMSD 6440.03: Noise in Industry and the Community
CMSD 6560.03: Amplification II
CMSD 6630.03: Cochlear Implants and Other Implantable Technologies
CMSD 6640.03: Advanced Audiologic Rehabilitation

Interprofessional Health Education

Students are required to maintain enrolment in IPHE 5900 for the duration of their studies. Please register in IPHE 5900.00 (section 2). Successful completion of this course is a requirement for graduation, and will be recognized further with the awarding of a special Certificate in Interprofessional Collaboration to be presented by the Faculty of Health. Students are asked to consult with their individual school/college to determine the specific guidelines and expectations regarding the required portfolio.

IPHE 5900.00: Interprofessional Health Education Portfolio.