Master of Information Management (MIM)

The Master of Information Management (MIM) is a part-time program designed for mid-career professionals “with at least five years’ experience” in the private, public or NGO sectors. It is a part-time program offered primarily by distance complemented with face-to-face intensives.

Students earn a Certificate in IM after successfully completing 12 credit hours (equivalent to three full part I and part II courses), and a Graduate Diploma in IM after successfully completing 24 credit hours (equivalent to six full part I and part II courses).

The Master of Information Management (MIM) degree requires 36 credit hours for completion (nine courses of four credit hours each: three for online component and one for intensive component). Eight required and one elective. Students must complete the program requirements in seven years from date of admission.

Required Courses

You must complete all these classes:
MGMT 5001.03 Information, People and Society
MGMT 5002.03 Organization of Information
MGMT 5003.03 Information Systems and Technologies
MGMT 5004.03 User Experience
MGMT 5005.03 Information Policy
MGMT 5008.03 Knowledge Management
MGMT 5020.03 Case study or research project ('capstone' class)

In addition, you must complete ONE of the two following classes:
MGMT 5006.03 Program Evaluation
MGMT 5007.03 Research Methods

Elective Classes

You must also complete ONE of the following:
MGMT 5009.03 Collaboration
MGMT 5010.03 Project Management
MGMT 5011.03 Management of Privacy
MGMT 5012.03 Records Management

Course Selection Guide

The MIM courses are offered in a rotating schedule. To plan your path to the achievement of your Master's degree, please consult the following guide:

Course Selection Guide

Application Deadlines

Standard Application Deadlines   Canadian Applicants   Non-Canadian Applicants
For September Admission   June 1   April 1
For January Admission   October 31   August 31
For May Admission   February 28   December 31

All required documents must be submitted by the application deadline.

Regulations of the Faculty of Graduate Studies govern admissions. Admission is approved by the Faculty of Graduate Studies, on the recommendation of the School of Information Management. Applicants must hold a degree recognized by Dalhousie University as the equivalent of a four-year Bachelor's degree in one of its own faculties or an institution recognized by Dalhousie University. The minimum requirement is a B average (GPA 3.0 on a 4.3 scale). Applicants must also have a least five years relevant professional experience.

Applicants who do not meet the standard academic criteria may be invited to submit a Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio and/or a GMAT (results of 550 or higher).

A complete application includes:

Faculty of Graduate Studies Application Form:
- Online version:

$115 Application Fee (non-refundable)

Letter of Intent

Resume/Job Description

Two reference letters - You must provide two references, preferably from supervisors (former or current) OR one supervisor and one academic.  The Faculty of Graduate Studies reserves the right to request additional references.  These must come directly from your referees. All references are considered confidential and as such cannot be returned to you. Your referees may use the forms provided below or write a letter of recommendation.  Their original ink signature must be included.


Option 1:

The Dalhousie E-Reference system is available when creating an online application. If applicants wish to use the e-reference system, they must enter the referees' email addresses on the online application. Dalhousie University will only accept university, teaching hospital, and government email addresses [i.e. not Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or business addresses]. Please allow 5 business days for your referee(s) to be contacted by our system. Please note that you cannot edit, add or omit references if using the e-reference system. If you made an error in the submission of an email address, a reference form/letter must be submitted (see below)

Option 2: 

Referees may email either the completed Reference Form or a letter as PDF attachment from their work email address. Incomplete reference forms will be rejected. Referees must send their form/letter directly to the university from their work email address. Documents submitted by third party will not be accepted. Instructions for completion are on the form.

Link to Reference Forms:

Professional:  Download Employment Reference Form (PDF)
                    Download Employment Reference Form (Word)

Academic:  Download Academic Reference Form (PDF)
                 Download Academic Reference Form (Word)       

Official Transcripts - Original and official transcripts are required from any/all post-secondary institutions attended. All transcripts (including English translations) must be received directly from the issuing institution. Transcripts that state “issued to student” are not acceptable.

Electronic official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended are required, even if a credential was not awarded (including institutions where transfer credits were earned). Transcripts from Dalhousie University and the University of King’s College are not required, but the dates attended must be included on your resume and online application. 

Transcripts must contain:

·         the name of the student/applicant

·         the name of the institution

·         the credential granted (BA, BSc, etc.) (if applicable)

·         the date upon on which the credential was granted  (if applicable)

·         the credit hours and grade for each course

·         number of transfer credits granted and from which institution (if applicable)

If you have completed a non-degree program or certificate at a post-secondary institution:
You will be required to have the granting institution e-mail and provide either a transcript, or a letter outlining courses taken with the grades earned (even if pass/fail).

Dalhousie’s Faculty of Graduate Studies oversees all admissions and has approved the following processes for transcript submission:

Option 1:

Electronic file-transfers from the issuing institution and from services such as Parchment, National Student Clearinghouse, eScript-Safe, or TranscriptsNetwork. It is the responsibility of the applicant to request that their institution(s) send electronic transcripts to?

Option 2:

PDFs sent by email directly from the issuing institution. It is the responsibility of the applicant to request that their institution(s) email PDF transcripts to?

Option 3:

Attachments directly from the applicant. This is an exception only available when an issuing institution is unable to provide the documents.  If you choose Option 3, you are required to provide proof that the institution is unable to issue electronic transcripts.  Proof of this inability can be provided in the following ways:

  1. An email from the issuing institution that confirms transcripts (either official or unofficial) are not being sent from the school electronically
  2. A direct link to the institution's website that notifies students that transcripts (either official or unofficial) are not being sent from the school electronically. CEGE Staff will not conduct this research on behalf of applicants, nor can we accept phone messages regarding this requirement.

International Transcripts and Translations

WES is the only organization from which Dalhousie will accept transcript copies and translations. Please note that Dalhousie completes its own evaluation of the credit hours and GPA calculation of the degree.

*Note that Faculty of Graduate Studies reserves the right to verify the validity of all documents provided, as well as the ability of an issuing institution to issue documents.

English language proficiency

The Faculty of Graduate Studies accepts a wide range of ESL tests for admissions up to two years after completion.

Please refer to the guidelines on FGS website: 

English language requirements | Faculty of Graduate Studies | Dalhousie University


If have a question about your application, please contact our support team at

Confirmation of Acceptance  

All admitted applicants must confirm in writing their acceptance of the offer by sending an email to and provide a non-refundable deposit to the Student Accounts Office. This deposit will be applied toward tuition, but will be forfeited if the student does not register within the academic year or defer their start date. Please note that this deposit is separate from any application or pre-registration fees.

Additional Information

Up-to-date and additional information, including Faculty of Graduate Studies regulations, can be found on the Faculty of Graduate Studies site.