General Information

Application Forms
Application forms may be obtained through the university's Admissions, Graduate Admissions website.

Prospective students are encouraged to contact the Faculty of Engineering Graduate Admissions Officer for admission information. Send graduate application and all documents pertaining to admissions for Mechanical and Materials Engineering are to:

Heather Hillyard
Graduate Admissions and Recruitment Coordinator
Faculty of Engineering
5217 Morris Street, O'Brien Hall, 4th Floor
PO Box 15000
Halifax, NS B3H 4R2 Canada

Phone: 902-494-1288

English Language Proficiency Requirement
Information pertaining to the English language proficiency requirements is given in the Faculty of Graduate Studies Regulations Section 3.4.

Information pertaining to fees and expenses can be found online in the Admissions section of the Dalhousie Website.

Financial Assistance
Information pertaining to financial assistance and scholarships can be found online in the Funding Opportunity section of the Dalhousie – Faculty of Graduate Studies Website.

Health Insurance Requirement
Information pertaining to health insurance requirements is given in the Resources and Services section of the Dalhousie Graduate Calendar.

Graduate Student Program 
The graduate student's program, including supervisory committee composition, will be entered in the Graduate Student Information System (GSIS) by the department and approved by the supervisor, the graduate coordinator and FGS.  The details of the program should be submitted in the first month after initial registration.  The composition of the supervisory committee should be entered by the end of the second term. 

Course Requirement
At least three-quarters (75%) of the total course requirement for each graduate program must be taken at Dalhousie University.

Leave of Absence
Students may formally apply for a leave of absence in accordance with Faculty of Graduate Studies Regulations, Section 5.8.